Zencastr raises $4.6M as its beta video offering goes live for all

Founded in late-2014, Salt Lake City-based Zencastr has become a kind of lifeline for many podcasters, as the pandemic pushed formerly in-person podcasts online. The startup is hardly a household name

SquadCast adds video podcast recording

Remote video podcasting is surprisingly still something of a Wild West these days. Given the massive sums of money currently being pumped into the category — not to mention the fact that pretty

Zencastr is testing a video podcasting tool in limited beta

Early this week, Zencastr sent out an email to a select number of users, outlining plans to test a new video podcasting tool. The service has grown significantly in popularity over the last year or so

Zencastr waives hobbyist limits, since we’re all stuck at home podcasting now

I know, I know, don’t start a podcast just because you’re bored. Let’s be real though, the COVID-19 situation is going to be the event that launches a million podcasts, as we’re all stuck at h

Zencaster makes it easier to record high-quality podcast audio

With podcasting growing rapidly as a medium, a new generation of audio-recording tools are appearing. Zencastr is a great example. The company's new product, launched today, is designed to make it eas