TikTok’s new ad products invite users to interact with taps, swipes, likes and more

TikTok this week presented its new plan to ramp up advertiser investment in its video platform with the expansion of e-commerce, a new promise of “brand safety” and the launch of several n

SoundCloud Steps Up Revenue Drive In Deal With Zefr, YouTube’s Content Tracking Partner

Audio streaming platform SoundCloud, now on the road to monetizing more of the tracks on its platform through ads and paid subscriptions, is adding a key partnership into the mix to help track what

ZEFR Has Acquired Social Advertising Startup Engodo

Video monetization platform ZEFR could be looking to extend its advertising reach beyond YouTube with its acquisition of social advertising startup Engodo. Last week ZEFR entered into a purchase agree

Fandango Confirms That It Has Acquired Movieclips From Zefr

Ticketing service Fandango just announced that it has acquired Movieclips from online video company Zefr. TechCrunch’s Ryan Lawler reported earlier this month that a deal was in the works. Zefr

ZEFR Is Selling MovieClips To Comcast’s Fandango

Los Angeles-based ZEFR has built a huge business by helping content owners and brands to track and monetize video content on YouTube. But years after launching as a destination site for movie fans to

ZEFR Raises $30 Million From IVP To Help Networks And Brands Monitor And Monetize Videos Online

Over the course of the last few years, few companies have done more to help content owners and brands understand how fans are interacting with their content on YouTube and other social platforms than

How ZEFR Brings Content ID To Content Creators, Media Companies… And Now Brands

Over the past several years, Los Angeles-based startup ZEFR has made a name for itself by working with content creators to make money off their videos on YouTube. Founded as Movieclips.com, the startu

Get Ready For TechCrunch TV’s Tour Of The New Hollywood, Starting Next Week

Over the last several years, we've seen a new group of digital media companies emerge in Los Angeles, driven by the growth of YouTube as a platform for distribution of video content. On Mondays and We

The Art And Science Of YouTube Networks

Over the last several years, we've seen a growing proliferation of multichannel networks (MCNs) pop up on YouTube, all of which are seeking to aggregate channels and audience in an effort to boost vie

As It Focuses On Content ID And Monetization, ZEFR Signs UMG, Sony Music, Ultra Music, And NASCAR

It’s been about nine months since Movieclips rebranded as ZEFR to provide content ID and monetization tools to publishers distributing or claiming their content on YouTube. Today, the startup is ann

ZEFR Hires Former Dailymotion Exec To Expand Internationally, Also Nabs Some BetterWorks Engineers

ZEFR has been focused on getting Hollywood studios to let it license their movies, and create clips to put on YouTube. But it's recently added a new business focused on helping content creators across