• Zeemote JS1 bluetooth controller rolls out in Mexico

    I don’t think I can express how much I wanted to add something about tacos to that headline. Yes, I realize Mexico has more to offer besides tacos. I just really loves me some tacos. Oh, right – back on topic. This morning, Zeemote, Inc is announcing a partnership with Telcel and Sony Ericsson to bring the Zeemote JS1 down to Mexico. Following Zeemote’s now standard practice… Read More

  • Zeemote to release controller SDK for BlackBerry

    Lets face it: By and large, gaming on mobile handsets sucks. Sure, no one’s expecting (or even desiring, perhaps) an experience along the lines of a couch-camping session – but even the simplest of games are hindered by, amongst other things, the lack of intuitive input methods. While we’re able to quickly rewire our noggins to play Tetris on a number pad, it just never… Read More