• Zecco Launches App To Let You Trade Stocks, View Realtime Stock Market Data On Facebook

    When it comes to public interaction with the stock market, the ability to trade stocks online has completely changed the game. With abundant financial information on the Web, through a little research, more people than ever before have joined in on an activity once reserved for a relationship between the broker and a trader. If you trade online, you may have used ETRADE or TD Ameritrade, or a… Read More

  • Promoted Tweets Are Super Effective, Advertiser Says

    Online brokerage firm Zecco is one of the participants in Twitter’s Promoted Tweets program – currently in beta – and this morning announced that the ad platform has proven to be very effective for the company to date. The company says it sampled 50 Promoted Tweets over the past two months and measured their effectiveness, seeing a 50% increase in engagement on average as… Read More

  • Zecco Introduces Stock Trading Widget On StockTwits And Firefox

    If you like to trade stocks, chances are you do your research on sites like Yahoo Finance, Google Finance, or even StockTwits to find ideas, and then you go log into your brokerage account to execute a trade. Or maybe you get distracted by a dancing bear on YouTube and never buy or sell that stock. Online discount brokerage Zecco wants to make sure you can trade anywhere on the Web, whenever… Read More

  • It Turns Out Zecco's Free Trading Model Isn't Such A Good Idea

    We outlined three points in 2006 on why Zecco’s free trading model raised some red flags. Unsurprisingly, the discount online brokerage firm has been forced to change its pricing structure due to the economic crisis. Over the years, the zero commission brokerage service increased the minimum asset balance to $2,500 and decreased free trades from 40 to 10. Now the company is putting… Read More

  • Billeo Secures $7 Million In Financing

    Online bill pay service Billeo has announced a $7 million Series B round of funding. ATA Ventures led the financing, with additional contributions from all of Billeo’s existing investors including Altos Ventures, Claremont Creek and Pacifica Fund. There have been a lot of startups focused on enhancing your online personal finance, mostly around analyzing your investments (Cake, Zecco… Read More

  • Zecco Going Strong – Raises $25 million Series B

    We were pretty hard on Zecco when it launched a little more than a year ago. Their zero commission brokerage service raised a number of red flags. In particular, we were worried that they would attract only the very low end of the market. Despite our criticism, the company soldiered on. They’ve built out their trading platform to to get the heavy day traders to use them, and launched… Read More

  • CAPS Takes "Wisdom of the Few" To Stock Picking

    We wrote about a distilled version of the Wisdom of the Crowds idea a couple of weeks ago when profiling PicksPal, a fantasy sports betting site. PicksPal’s new product takes the best fantasy sports pickers and (without them knowing) repackages their advice as a paid service to sports gamblers. It’s done remarkably well after the first couple of weeks. The idea is that if you can… Read More

  • Zecco Has A Hard Road Ahead

    Note: The following post was written by regular contributor Neil Kjeldsen. It’s worth noting that Neil worked for nine years in the brokerage industry, most recently managing the schwab.com website and online brokerage product. He is no longer with Schwab or affiliated with any other broker. Yesterday’s announcement by Zecco and their $0 commission trading platform generated a lot… Read More