Lamp made from old-school Nintendo Zapper

This is a cool looking lamp, yes? What’s even cooler is that the girl who put this together made that Duck Hunt cartridge out of cardboard because a standard Nintendo cartridge didn’t prov

Duck Hunt: The quest to shoot that damned dog continues

[photopress:duckhunt_dog_laugh.gif,full,center] I’ve always wondered this about Duck Hunt for the NES: That snarky dog that laughs at you, is he there just to torment? For those not in the know,

CES 2008: Pega Hong Kong's Wii Zappers look like the real deal

Since the Wii was released, we’ve wanted Zappers. And some have come, some have left, but they’ve all been pretty basic. Pega from Honk Kong has taken the Zapper to its logical conclusion,

Wiicoil: Longarm Zapper Surfaces

We like the return of Nintendo’s Zapper and what it means for real FPS games. But sometimes you want something bigger to frag with. Enter the Rifle Gun Prop, which, like the official Zapper, tur

Nintendo's New Zapper: Hotness

Nintendo today at E3 dropped a couple new hardware accessories for the popular Wii, including a steering wheel for Mario Cart, and a new Zapper. For those who might be too young to recall, the origina

Great Outdoors: Bugz-B-Gone

It’s that time of year again. You know, that magical few months when it’s hot as sin and a single step outside means exposing yourself to yellow fever. If there’s anything we pasty-f