• Pressplane Raises $3.5 Million For Mobile Web Publishing App Zapd, Rob Glaser Joins Board

    Seattle startup Pressplane just inked a new $3.5 million round, led by Madrona Ventures. Rob Glaser, founder of RealNetworks and now a partner at Accel, also invested personally and is joining board. Second Avenue Partners and chairman Mika Salmi (formerly of MTV Networks and Atom Entertainment) also participated. The money will go into further development of Zapd, a mobile publishing… Read More

  • Fly or Die Review of TweetDeck and SoundTracking

    (Fly Or Die) Can TweetDeck's New iPhone App Survive A Twitter Acquisition

    TweetDeck’s new iPhone app came out a couple days ago. It is completely redesigned from the ground up and looks more like it’s Android cousin than the first TweetDeck for iPhone. Instead of cramming as much as possible into an iPhone screen, TweetDeck stripped everything out but the essentials. The result is a spare mobile stream reader that packs a lot of punch. We take a look… Read More

  • Zapd Creates Themed Websites Right From Your Phone

    Zapd Creates Themed Websites Right From Your Phone

    Tumblr and Posterous showed the world that making blogging simpler makes it more accessible. Both make also make it really easy to publish from your phone. Now Zapd, a new service from Seattle startup Pressplane, wants to take it one step further and let you create websites right from your phone. Zapd is an iPhone app that lets you create a themed, well-designed, mobile-friendly website in… Read More