• BigDoor Opens Doors To Public Beta Of Website And iPhone App Monetization Tool

    After a short period of near-mandatory private beta, Bellevue, WA-based BigDoor Media is today introducing the public beta of its website and mobile app monetization software solution. In addition, the upstart is announcing that it has raised early-stage funding ($250k) from Seattle’s Founder Co-op and a dozen angel investors, many of which are local Internet/tech CEOs. Read More

  • Zango Acquires Smart Shopper For $9 Million: Now More Evil

    Everyone’s favorite love-to-hate spyware company Zango has acquired browser based comparison shopping engine Smart Shopper for what we’ve been told by two people related to the company (but unconfirmed directly) for $9 million. Smart Shopper offers what on the surface appears to be a fairly non-threatening shopping assistant add on for Internet Explorer, however according to a… Read More

  • Zango brings adware to MySpace

    These days almost every developer of a widget or a gadget tells us they are targeting MySpace – so why should malware makers be different? has written a long article this morning on a company called Zango that offers free videos and games for MySpace but requires installation of a Zango Search Assistant and Toolbar as part of the use of the videos. That toolbar serves… Read More