Zady Goes Very Much On The Beaten Path, With A Pop Up At LaGuardia

After launching in August, the conscious consumerism startup Zady is angling to boost its profile this gifting season by setting up camp in the beating heart of holiday foot traffic: the Delta termina

A New Batch Of Socially Conscious E-Commerce Startups To Put On Your Radar

Is #FeelGoodFriday a thing? With the launch of e-commerce site Zady last month, we’ve been keeping our eye on other conscious consumerism startups in the pipeline.┬áHere for your consideration,

Foodspotting Co-Founder Soraya Darabi Debuts New E-Commerce And Retail Startup Zady

There's been some <a target="_blank" href="">buzz</a> around Foodspotting co-founder <a target="_blank"