• Almond+ Router First Look and Demo

    Almond+ Expands The Router’s Domain, Adds Zigbee And Z-Wave Smart Home Control

    The Almond, a router with a small touch screen that achieved significant success on Amazon thanks to a decent price point and excellent reviews, has a successor from parent company Securifi hitting Kickstarter soon. The Almond+ comes with 802.11ac support, boasts a 2.8-inch touchscreen, and can be set up without even connecting to a PC. It’s the perfect router for a mobile-first… Read More

  • ZigBee Pro is coming soon, Control4 will support it fully

    There is another format war happening right now that doesn’t involve optical media. In fact, ZigBee and Z-Wave have been battling for some time now for control over your home’s automation needs. The two formats utilize RF networks to control light switches, universal remotes, thermostats, coffee makers, and such. However, ZigBee has been working on an update for a few years and… Read More