• Review: Yubz MAGNUM Bluetooth speaker

    Bluetooth is one of those funny technologies that has an awful lot of potential, but with very few actually useful implementations. Bluetooth headsets are no longer cool. Bluetooth mice and keyboards are quickly becoming the de facto devices for this technology. What else is there? Well, friends, I’m here to tell you that the YUBZ MAGNUM is nearly perfect Bluetooth gadget. Read More

  • Yubz Talk Mobile: Possibly the biggest telephone receiver for cell phones ever

    I am not really sure if anyone needs this but Tokyo-based design company Powershovel is selling a very special kind of telephone receiver [JP], you know, the ones you can only see in old movies. The devices, probably last used in the free world in the 1980s, are called Yubz and can be connected to most Japanese handsets. In fact, in the online shop [JP], Powershovel even claims the earpieces… Read More