Consolidation in the cloud as OpenText buys Hightail and Carbonite grabs Mozy from Dell

Back in the early 2000s before Dropbox was a gleam in Drew Houston’s eye, sharing large files was a huge challenge. Email services limited attachment size because bandwidth and storage were both

YouSendIt Acquires Found To Enable Integrated File Search Across Apps, Devices, Cloud Storage Platforms And More

Cloud collaboration company <a target="_blank" href="">YouSendIt</a> has acquired <a target="_blank" href="">Found Software</a>, a startup that allows

YouSendIt Now Lets Yahoo Mail’s 310M+ Users Easily Share Big Files

<a target="_blank" href="">YouSendIt</a>, the file transfer and business content collaboration service, has been trucking along of late, in spite of competition from plucky u

YouSendIt CEO Ivan Koon To Step Down As The Company Looks For New Funding

We've learned that <a href="">Ivan Koon</a>, the CEO of cloud collaboration company <a href="">YouSendIt</a>, will be stepping down f

YouSendIt Debuts Workstream, A File Sharing Platform For The Enterprise

Cloud collaboration company <a href="">YouSendIt</a> is debuting a new product today called Workstream. Designed specifically for enterprises, Workstream is a file sharing pla

YouSendIt Buys Email Collaboration Startup Attassa And E-Signature Service Zosh

<a href=""><img class="shot2" src="" alt="" /></a>File sharing service <a href="">

YouSendIt Raises $15 Million Series D

<a href=""><img class="shot2" src="" alt="" /></a>File sharing service <a href="">

16 Apps That Make Sharing Large Files A Snap

<img src="" width="215" height="158" /> File sharing services are not as popular today as they were four years ago. It's not that peop

YouSendIt Closes Its $14 Million Series C Round

YouSendIt has raised an additional $14 million in a Series C round led by Emergence Capital and all existing investors, including Alloy Ventures, Sevin Rosen Funds, Cambrian Ventures and Sigma Partner

YouSendIt Does The Heavy Lifting For Outlook

YouSendIt, an online file transfer service with a focus on businesses, is removing the beta label from an Outlook plugin that automatically reroutes large attachments through its so-called “FedE

Three Million Sending It With YouSendIt

File delivery company YouSendIt told TechCrunch yesterday that it had recently surpassed its three millionth user. While our initial experiences with YouSendIt were not smooth, we have since come to c

I finally got "You Send It" to work

I never wrote about You Send It because I could never get it to work. Well, today I had my first positive You Send It experience, and so I’m writing a quick note. If you haven’t heard abou