• Tips For Finding Success As A Female Engineer Crunch Network

    Tips For Finding Success As A Female Engineer

    It was apparent from the first time I took a computer programming class in high school that it was one of the few subjects that really excited me. Initially, it was just an option I was trying out, but I soon knew that engineering was what I wanted to major in and pursue for my lifelong career. The thing I love most about engineering is that there are limitless opportunities to do meaningful… Read More

  • YouNoodle Holds Its First Virtual Demo Day, YouNoodle Live

    YouNoodle Holds Its First Virtual Demo Day, YouNoodle Live

    When YouNoodle raised additional funding earlier this year, the company’s CEO Torsten Kolind told me the company was trying to build a data business on top of its startup competition platform. That approach, it seems, has led in a roundabout way to YouNoodle hosting a virtual demo day of its own, dubbed YouNoodle Live. Here’s how you get from startup competitions to data and… Read More

  • YouNoodle Raises $1.1M To Build A Business From Startup Competitions And Data

    YouNoodle Raises $1.1M To Build A Business From Startup Competitions And Data

    Remember YouNoodle? The startup attracted some controversy all the way back in 2008 for saying it could algorithmically predict the success of startups. Since then, the business and the product may have changed, but YouNoodle is still around, and it’s announcing today that it has raised $1.1 million in new funding. Over the past couple of years, the company has created a site where… Read More

  • YouNoodle Scores: What Startups Can Learn from Wars

    Venture capital has long been heralded as an apprentice-style business where success only comes with ten years of experience and a gut that can predict the future. That was fine when it was a clubby industry making modest bets on companies within a 30 minute drive of Sand Hill Road. But as more money has flooded into the industry and tech has matured, finding the big home runs has become… Read More

  • YouNoodle In The News

    The local ABC affiliate dropped by YouNoodle’s offices in San Francisco to get an idea of how useful their new startups valuation predictor is. ABC’s Sue Thompson interviewed CEO Bob Goodson on how the service works, and I dropped in for a cameo and a dose of healthy skepticism. We first covered YouNoodle in February way before it launched. It entered public beta last week, and… Read More

  • How Much Will Your Startup Be Worth In Three Years? Go Find Out.

    See our review of the YouNoodle startup valuation predictor from a couple of days ago (as well as our skeptical post from earlier this year). The product just came out of private beta. Look for a tab in the top right corner of the site called “startup predictor”, or just click on and fill in the questionnaire. The company, which is funded by The Founders… Read More

  • The (Highly Controversial) YouNoodle Startup Valuation Predictor Is Coming

    In February a well backed startup called YouNoodle said that they were developing a product that would accurately predict the future success of startups based on an analysis of the business and the founding team. Much like a credit rating tells creditors how likely an entity is to pay off debt, YouNoodle aimed to tell investors how likely they would be to see a return on their investment… Read More

  • Will YouNoodle Predict Its Own Inevitable Failure?

    New startup YouNoodle debuted to some first class press coverage this morning – a headline in the NYTimes that reads “A Start-Up Says It Can Predict Others’ Fate.” The really choice quote from the article from CEO/co-founder Bob Goodson is this:
    “Give us some information, and we’ll give you some idea of what the company will be worth in five… Read More

  • YouNoodle Thinks AI Can Predict Startup Success

    We cover a lot of startups here at TechCrunch, but I don’t recall ever having covered a startup that thinks it can use artificial intelligence to predict whether other startups will be successful. YouNoodle promises to do just that. The site opens to the public today, and they chose the NY Times to pitch their product: Kirill Makharinsky, 21, and Bob Goodson, 27, call their software… Read More