Young Hollywood

  • Eric Kuhn and Brent Weinstein of the United Talent Agency

    Hollywood Agents Talk About Technology In Entertainment [TCTV]

    Brent Weinstein and Eric Kuhn stopped by the studio to talk about technology in entertainment, and these guys are worth listening to. Brent is Head of Digital Media for United Talent Agency in Los Angeles, where he oversees the agency’s work in online entertainment, social media, video games, and the agency’s digital consulting practice. Eric is the department’s Head of… Read More

  • Tony Hawk Was Live On YouTube, And Less Than 500 People Were Watching

    YouTube is testing out live video streaming with a few video partners today such as RocketBoom, Howcast, and Young Hollywood. Gathering a live audience on the Web to watch video is hard because there are no schedules and people are used to clicking on videos on their own schedule. But if anyone can make live video a mass market experience, it should be YouTube, right? Throw in a celebrity… Read More