• #Love: Design For It Crunch Network

    #Love: Design For It

    If you believed the hype, you’d think technology was killing love. To start, the search has been tainted, or so people say. Algorithms are turning serendipity into superficial math. Swipe right and find yourself mired in a hookup culture gone mad. Try the likes of Grindr and experience the irrevocable blurring of the lines between dating and porn. Emojis offend the language of courtship. Read More

  • You&Me iPhone App | First Look

    HowAboutWe Launches You&Me Messaging App For Couples

    Prepping for a summer of love, dating apps and services are putting on their game faces. Fresh on the heels of a new app release, HowAboutWe has just launched a standalone messaging app for couples that lets two sweeties share multiple types of content and create a story together. The app is called You&Me and is the first standalone project out of the company, which currently… Read More