After Three Years, Visual Voicemail Service YouMail Calls It Quits On BlackBerry

Freemium visual voicemail service <a href="">YouMail</a> never forgot their roots — they first launched in late 2007 with the mission of making visual voicemail available to th

T-Mobile To YouMail: We Told You About This A Month Ago

Yesterday something strange happened. YouMail, a visual voicemail app with millions of downloads, was <a href="

YouMail Pulled From The Android Market At T-Mobile’s Request

Whoa. I'm going to tip toe through this story a bit carefully, as it'd be easy to come off as if we're rallying the pitchforks. We've reached out to T-Mobile for their side of the story, but haven't h

YouMail Hits 3 Million Downloads, Gets Backed By CrunchFund And Tech Coast Angels

It's kind of hard to believe: even 4 years after the launch of the iPhone, visual voicemail still isn't ubiquitous. That's where<a href=""> YouMail</a> comes in

With 1 Billion Calls Under Their Belt, YouMail Surpasses 2 Million Users

Voicemail <a href="">is terrible</a>. And yet, even with far superior options at their fingertips (read: text messages. Hell, carrier pigeo

Digital Secretary Service YouMail Hits 1 Million Users, 300 Million Handled Calls

<img src="" class="shot2" />Voice mail <a href="">is a pain</a>, but it doesn't

Think Before You Voicemail

Voicemail is dead. Please tell everyone so they’ll stop using it. When I first started out in the real world in the mid-nineties voicemail was an important productivity tool. I remember people t

'YouMail' lets you assign multiple voicemail greetings

[youtube] I’d like to declare that the Mac vs. PC shtick is old and tired. If you’re releasing a new product, please refrain from spoofing those