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  • Can Israel build big, sustainable companies? Crunch Network

    Can Israel build big, sustainable companies?

    For all the “Start-up Nation” fanfare, Google’s acquisition of Waze – Israel’s highest profile start-up exit to date – was valued at just $1.1B. And, while Israel officially has two Unicorn companies on the CrunchBase list (more if you count companies like Taboola and WeWork), only a handful of Israeli companies have actually exited in the billion dollar range. Read More

  • Howard Lindzon, Yossi Vardi, Greg Tseng, and Bradley Horowitz All Ready To Disrupt In NYC

    TechCrunch Disrupt NYC starts May 23rd—less than a month away. And we are very excited to announce four more guests to our growing list of speakers who will be joining us at this year’s Disrupt in NYC: Howard Lindzon, Yossi Vardi, Greg Tseng, and Bradley Horowitz. Howard Lindzon, co-founder and CEO of StockTwits, is a force to be reckoned with. With over twenty years experience in… Read More

  • Israeli Entrepreneurs: Know What Game You Are Playing

    TEL AVIV– The other day I spoke at an Israeli event called Techonomy where six handpicked Israeli startups were demoing new products. The companies were impressive, the audience packed, it was sponsored by blue-chip tech names, and well-heeled experts were on stage offering feedback. In fact, it could have been just like a Silicon Valley event a la TechCrunch 50 in every way except… Read More

  • Risk Aversion And The Perils Of Selling Too Early (Israeli Startups, Part II)

    Right now I’m at an un-conference called KinnerNet. It’s hosted by famed Israel entrepreneur Yossi Vardi and set near the Sea of Galilee. Funny thing: There are a few hundred entrepreneurs here, mostly Israeli. And only one has said something negative to me about my post earlier this week about the poor venture returns for Israeli startups that incited such passionate feelings… Read More

  • TC50 DemoPit Company Joongel Nets Investment for Stealth Product

    The founders of Joongel which presented at the TC50 DemoPit are announcing a $100K investment from Israeli uber-Angel Dr. Yossi Vardi. Vardi pledged the investment on the spot at TC50 and the parties have since worked on finalizing the terms and paperwork. Interestingly, the investment will go into a new company called “Modular Patterns, Ltd.” (no site yet) and is intended for… Read More

  • More TC50 Expert Panelists: Ron Conway, Sheryl Sandberg, and Yossi Vardi

    We are thrilled to announce the next three expert panelists participating in TechCrunch50. Joining Marc Andreessen, Roelof Botha and Marissa Mayer as TechCrunch50 experts are Ron Conway, Sheryl Sandberg and Yossi Vardi. The experts will judge the fifty startups launching at the event, and then discuss each of the demos on stage as a group. More details on the conference are here. TechCrunch50… Read More