• Now At Mixbook, Former Yobongo Team Reveals Mosaic, A Fast Way To Build Photobooks From Your iPhone

    Now At Mixbook, Former Yobongo Team Reveals Mosaic, A Fast Way To Build Photobooks From Your iPhone

    The team behind Yobongo, the location-based mobile chat application that was acquired by Mixbook in March, is finally ready to reveal what they’ve been up to in the months since. We already knew that Mixbook wanted to expand into the mobile photobook space, and had essentially hired the Yobongo team for their talents, not the Yobongo application itself. And those talents have been put… Read More

  • Yobongo Aims To Up The Interaction With "Around" And "Nudge"

    Yobongo has a problem that isn’t an easy one to solve. They want to create a realtime communication tool centered around location. But if people around you aren’t always on Yobongo, what do you do? Two new features aim to address that key issue. “Around” and “Nudge”. Both new features launch today in the latest version of the app. And they make a lot of… Read More

  • Yobongo Ponders The "Anti-Away Message" To Spur Conversations

    Of all the apps clumped together in the group messaging space, Yobongo is fairly unique. It’s far more reliant on realtime chat than the others which can be fun, but also leads to its own set of problems. For example, what if you don’t know anyone else in the chat room you’re in and you need something to talk about? That’s where a new feature called… Read More

  • Mobile Messaging March Madness

    On Thursday, I used Yobongo all day, which helped me find a new lunch spot, run into an old friend, and meet a Yobongo co-founder. That afternoon, I thought it would be a good time to write about the new group and mobile messaging wars for TechCrunch. A few hours later, Color Labs launched, to put it mildly. And, as I was editing this post on Friday night, Disco appeared, the new… Read More

  • How Do You Talk To An Angel? Use Yobongo, They're All Investing.

    “We spoke to investors in October but many people doubted that Yobongo would work. So we went and kept working on the product,” Yobongo co-founder Caleb Elston says. “A few weeks ago we got the product into peoples hands and literally 10 minutes from sending the beta to one of our investors he called, emailed, texted, and Yobongo messaged me. ‘I get it, I’m… Read More

  • A Group Messaging Roundup To Help You Stay In Touch At SXSW

    By now you’ve doubtless heard of the many group messaging startups looking to help multiple people keep in touch with each other — there’s been endless buzz about how these will likely be some of the breakout stars of SXSW. However, most of these companies do far more than just send texts to multiple people: some of them offer location sharing, conference calls, and… Read More

  • Fast Society Is Ready To Party At SXSW (Exclusive Demo Video)

    Fast Society Is Ready To Party At SXSW (Exclusive Demo Video)

    If you are a group texting startup worth your salt, you’ve got to have a new app ready for the upcoming SXSW conference in Austin. GroupMe, Beluga (which was just bought by Facebook), Kik, TextPlus, and offshoots like Yobongo will all be strutting their stuff. Not to be outdone, Fast Society just pushed out a completely revamped iPhone app and an Android app is coming out today as… Read More

  • And Now The True Test For Hot Beta Chat App Yobongo: Going Live

    We’ve written about Yobongo a couple of times now. It’s an interesting concept (location-centric realtime mobile chat) with great execution. But that execution has so far only had to withstand 140 or so beta testers. Starting today, the app goes live to everyone in three major cities: San Francisco, New York, and Austin, Texas. The last one is key, as part of Yobongo’s… Read More

  • Yobongo Will Be In The Running For The Addictive App At This Year's SXSW

    A month ago, we detailed a new location-based realtime chat service called Yobongo. At the time, co-founder Caleb Elston didn’t want us to show shots of the app in action because it was still a work-in-progress. But now he’s finally comfortable enough with everything that he’s asking beta testers to do just that. And he should be, as the app both looks great and needs to… Read More

  • Yobongo: Forget What Your Parents Said About Not Talking To Strangers

    Yobongo: Forget What Your Parents Said About Not Talking To Strangers

    Believe it or not, in the 1990s, it used to be considered fun to go into a chat room on the Internet and talk to complete strangers. We all did it, if only to see what exactly was going on out there. The fundamental idea of being able to connect instantly with anyone around the world is an interesting one. Then spammers, creeps, and weirdos came and ruined everything. This is something… Read More

  • Justin.tv VP Of Product Latest To Stream Out; Starts Stealth Mobile Sharing Startup, Yobongo

    It was just over a year ago that Caleb Elston announced he would be leaving Miami and heading to San Francisco to become the VP of Product for Justin.tv. As of today, he’s out to commit himself to his new startup, Yobongo, a stealth startup centered around mobile communications and sharing, we’re told. And Elston is taking a fellow Justin.tv employee with him — David Kasper… Read More