• Hot or Not Tears Itself Apart, Reinvents

    When James Hong and Jim Young founded HotorNot in October, 2000, they had no real plans for the service to be anything other than a fun site for a few friends. They turned a free low end computer they received for setting up an etrade account into a web server, launched the site from their house in Mountain View, California, and emailed 40 friends. By the end of the day, 40,000 people had… Read More

  • TechCrunch Readers Are Shallow

    Yesterday I wrote about some of the changes at top dating site Yahoo Personals, designed to make profile matching easier and faster. And I also dug into some of the new business model experiments being conducted by some of the younger startups out there. A good example is YesNoMayB, a South African startup that allows users to quickly scan photographs of potential mates and pick out the ones… Read More

  • Getting Down To Business: YesNoMayB

    We’ve covered the best new dating sites, and even the most popular gay male dating sites, here on TechCrunch. But none of these sites capture the speed and simplicity of speed dating, where you meet a bunch of potential mates in a short period of time. South Africa-based dating site YesNoMayB nailed it. Forget all the long, detailed profiles and complicated algorithms for figuring out… Read More