• Find Everyone You Can’t Google Or Facebook With YC’s Ark People Search

    Find Everyone You Can’t Google Or Facebook With YC’s Ark People Search

    Google and Facebook can’t help you find which of your friends are single, or live in New York and like Radiohead, but Ark can. Today Y Combinator-backed Ark.com sails into open beta in hopes of becoming the best place on the web to do people searches. With a variety of layer-able filters, Ark lets you search through public profiles and the private data of your friends across… Read More

  • Y Combinator Startup Priceonomics Tells You How Much To Pay For Any Used Product

    Y Combinator Startup Priceonomics Tells You How Much To Pay For Any Used Product

    You want the best price on things you buy second hand, but finding out how much you should pay is a hassle. Removing this friction from a lucrative part of the purchase funnel is the goal of Priceonomics. The first startup out of the winter 2012 Y Combinator batch, Priceonomics has crawled the web to compile its next-generation price guide. It launches today featuring 10 million prices on… Read More

  • DrChrono Makes The iPad A Doctor's Best Friend In The Exam Room

    As medical records move online, doctors are increasingly bringing laptops into the exam room to take notes, write prescriptions and more. But laptops can be cumbersome, and the iPad has emerged as a popular device for medical professionals. In fact, one out of every five doctors in a private practice own an iPad. Enter DrChrono, a Y Combinator-backed startup that produces an iPad app and SaaS… Read More

  • SEC Watch: Start Fund Raises First Round, Totaling Nearly $6.5 Million

    Remember Start Fund, the investment vehicle established by DST’s Yuri Milner (as an individual) and Ron Conway’s angel fund, SV Angel? A couple of weeks ago, we broke the news that the fund, which is managed by SV Angel partner David Lee, made a gutsy blanket investment offer to every single one of the 40 or so Y Combinator startups in the most recent batch. Read More

  • AnyLeaf Aggregates And Delivers Personalized Grocery Store Deals

    For decades, my mother and grandmother have both religiously scanned the weekly coupon books and circulars that arrive in the weekend newspaper. While clipping coupons can be tedious, grocery stores’ weekly deals can often take out a significant chunk of change of the weekly food bill. Of course, as print couponing becomes obsolete, many consumers are looking to the web for deals at… Read More

  • ReadyForZero Raises $260K To Help Cleanse Consumers Of Credit Card Debt

    Y Combinator-backed startup ReadyForZero is announcing a $260,000 seed round of funding from a number of well-known angel investors including Steve Chen, the co-founder of YouTube; Dave McClure, Benjamin Ling, Nils Johnson, and Maneesh Arora. Launched in private beta in September, ReadyForZero is an easy to use web-based platform to help guide consumers out of credit card debt. ReadyForZero… Read More

  • Ycombinator's WePay Partners With GroupSpaces To Let Groups Collect Cash

    Hands across the water everyone! It appears that pulling together a combination of European and U.S. investors is creating some interesting synergies for young startups. UK-startup GroupSpaces, which recently announced new funding, has partnered with WePay, a former ycombinator startup billing itself as the “Paypal for groups”. With some deep API integration, GroupSpace users can… Read More

  • "Good On Video" Is The New "Good On Paper" With YC-Funded Hirehive And YCommonApp

    "Good On Video" Is The New "Good On Paper" With YC-Funded Hirehive And YCommonApp

    “Good on paper” just became “good on video” with the latest double launch from the Ycombinator crew. With Hirehive, founders Dave Albert and Nick Bergson-Shilcoc are attempting to replace at least some part of the unwieldy hiring process with browser based video questionnaires, on a web platform where applicants can submit video, text or image responses. Read More

  • The Difference Engine Brings TechStars/YCombinator Mentality To UK

    The Difference Engine is shaping up to be the kind of raw, Web 2.0 incubator the UK has lacked for some time. Whereas Seedcamp tends to take more fully formed early stage startups on, The Difference Engine is closer to having a hacker mentality. When you want to just go and build a product, this might be the kind of programme that appeals. Word on the street is that the programme is sidling up… Read More

  • YC-Funded Data Marketplace Is An Amazon For Structured Information

    There has always been a vibrant ecosystem around financial data. Financial institutions, such as hedge funds and investment banks, pay thousands of dollars for quantitative tabular data (financial data in spreadsheets). But now, the web has provided a mechanism to distribute and publish large amounts of data, but much of this data is raw (meaning, it’s not built into a spreadsheet… Read More

  • Qwisk Brings Your Social Networks To The Browser

    Qwisk, which is launching today at the Real-Time CrunchUp, is an innovative new way to add a social twist to your browser. The site, which is a product of Y Combinator-funded company Socialbrowse, connects with you with your friends on Facebook and Twitter in real-time as you browse the web. We have 500 invites exclusively for TechCrunch users. You can redeem these invites simply by… Read More