YC Demo Day Winter 2023

A pot of gold at the intersection of DevOps and generative AI?

Generative AI isn't just about creative endeavors and parlor tricks.

YC’s latest batch sure was a lot of ‘maybe AI can do… this?’

Sitting through hundreds of startups on YC Demo Days, you’re not always sure whether you are actually perceiving patterns or if your brain, as coffee battles with monotony, is inventing them in

Our favorite startups from YC’s Winter 2023 Demo Day — Part 2

Over 20,000 applications flew into Y Combinator, which ended up plucking out 282 startups for its latest batch. Now we’re getting our first look at them through Demo Day. The first day’s demos inc

Our favorite startups from YC’s Winter 2023 Demo Day — Part 1

Here’s a crazy statistic: More than half of the companies in Y Combinator’s latest cohort were accepted to the accelerator with only an idea, no minimum viable product or revenue strategy needed.

Y Combinator is back to bet on the Bay Area

Y Combinator, the startup accelerator that has launched the likes of Instacart, Stripe and Airbnb, has broadened its investing lens in recent years, backing companies all over Africa and India, and be

As YC launches new batch, here’s how the early-stage venture market is faring today

Let’s talk median fundraising round sizes and deal values for seed through Series C in the first quarter of 2023.

Yeah, of course, YC’s winter class is oozing with AI companies

While some startups are reinventing the wheel, most are looking to build nuanced use cases of AI. It would be weirder if they weren't.