YC Demo Day Winter 2022

These Y Combinator-backed startups want to build the next Brex

At least four startups at Y Combinator’s W22 batch – from three different regions – referred to themselves as the “Brex for" their particular geography.

International startups shrug off US insurtech meltdown

The latest Y Combinator cohort featured a number of insurance-focused technology companies, and some of them want to actually write policies.

Everything you need to know about YC Demo Day Winter 2022, part 2

The second day of Y Combinator’s Winter 2022 Demo Day is now behind us, and the TechCrunch team is recovering from watching hundreds of pitches in quick succession. Every accelerator demo day is

8 open source companies from YC Demo Day Winter ’22

Wicked fast VPNs, data organization tools, auto-generated videos to spice up your company’s Instagram stories … Y Combinator’s Winter 2022 open source founders have some interesting ideas up the

Our favorite startups from YC’s Winter 2022 Demo Day, part 2

And that’s day two in the books! TechCrunch once again spent much of the day watching a parade of startups present as part of Y Combinator’s Winter 2022 cohort, Demo Day part two. Yeah, th

The best logos of YC’s Winter ’22 cohort

Hundreds of companies presented at Y Combinator’s Winter 2022 Demo Day event, and I looked at pretty much all their logos. There’s a lot of solid ones, a few clunkers and a handful of real

Why Nigeria leads the way in YC’s participation in Africa

Nigerian startups are a huge part of the current Y Combinator cohort. Looking at the data, that should not be a surprise.

Selected AI startups from YC’s Winter ’22 batch

Dozens of startups in Y Combinator’s Winter 2022 cohort do something that could be described as artificial intelligence. Though the term has lost much of its meaning, it’s still an importa

The 26 crypto startups that Y Combinator is backing in its W22 batch

Crypto was big at YC this batch. Y Combinator Demo Days returned yet again with another ballooning heap of startups. In the old days, a gaggle of TechCrunch reporters would go to the Demo Day in perso

Everything you need to know about YC Winter 2022 Demo Day, part 1

The TechCrunch team spent today covering the first day of Y Combinator’s Winter 2022 Demo Day, which featured half of the 394 companies that plan to virtually present. Since the overall batch is

Our favorite startups from YC’s Winter 2022 Demo Day, part 1

One thing we're not changing with our Y Combinator coverage is collecting favorites.

Is YC turning into a kind of fight club?

Since inception, Y Combinator has invested in thousands of startups, and more recently, even hundreds within a single batch. Given the accelerator’s growth, competitive tensions feel nearly inevitab

A look at all 35 international fintech startups at YC’s winter 2022 Demo Day

As more banking, e-commerce and insurance startups work to improve the way business is done in emerging countries, it should come as no surprise that this winter’s Y Combinator batch is rife with re

India dominates Y Combinator’s latest startup batch (again)

Yet again, India is the most represented country, outside of the United States, within the latest Y Combinator accelerator batch: the Winter 2022 cohort sports 32 startups hailing from Gurugram, Benga

YC W22 batch nets 24 African startups, including 18 from Nigeria

Y Combinator’s latest batch — W22 — features 414 startups from 42 countries, representing more than 80 sectors. Just like last year’s batches, about half of the companies in the W22 batch