Digital TV switch officially delayed

<img src="http://www.crunchgear.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/01/old-tv-set.jpg" alt="" />Have no fear, the Obama administration is here! Today, the Senate voted to postpone the digital switch from Febr

Writing Around the iPhone Hole

It doesn’t take much to sell a few papers or get a few hundred hits on yer blog. Just write a story about the iPhone and put it out for all to read. The real trick, however, is how to write abou

Game Developers' Conference 2007

I set foot in the beautiful Moscone Center here in sunny San Francisco about 20 minutes ago. After devouring a bagel, I feel my blood sugar is high enough to risk exerting the energy to update you all

Happy Birthday, TechCrunch France

Ouriel Ohayon, editor of TC France, is celebrating his site’s 1st birthday today and had his readers create some excellent celebratory logos. We don’t often highlight the other members of


CrunchGear has been running for just under seven months. In that time we’ve seen a lot of cool stuff and we’ve grown at a rate that never ceases to amaze us. Every once in awhile I like to