• SmartPal VII: A Humanoid That Can Be Remote-Controlled Via Kinect (Video)

    SmartPal VII: A Humanoid That Can Be Remote-Controlled Via Kinect (Video)

    We’ve shown you many Kinect-based hacks and applications over the past months, and here is a new one from Japan: major robot maker Yaskawa has developed a humanoid that can be remote-controlled using a Kinect interface. Dubbed SmartPal VII, the telepresence robot can be used to communicate with other people over a distance or even help them cleaning up rooms, for example (by controlling… Read More

  • Video: Robot Lightsaber Duel

    If you’re a robot otaku who happens to be a Star Wars otaku, too, then this video is for you. Japanese robot maker Yaskawa recently showcased its Motoman 7-axis robo arms at the International Conference on Robotics and Automation in Shanghai (which ends this Friday). Read More

  • Video: Cute Robot Selling Ice Cream

    Meet Yaskawa-kun. Yaskawa-kun is Japan’s newest robot, and he has two special skills: he looks cute and he can make and sell ice cream. Currently, he is working at Tokyo Summerland, a big theme park, where he will replace human workers until August 22. Read More

  • Meet Motoman, the pancake-making robot (video)

    Okonomiyaki is the name of a popular  Japanese dish made of a fried batter cake and various ingredients such as vegetables, shrimps, kimchi, cheese etc. Yaskawa Electric, a Tokyo-based electronics company, produced an industrial robot that can cook Okonomiyaki. The company, which is also nominated for Japan’ Robot Award 2008 with its LCD glass substrate processing robot MOTOMAN-CDL… Read More

  • Japan chooses 2008's best robots (photo gallery)

    Last year’s Grand Prize winning robot There should be no doubt that Japan is the world’s leading nation when it comes to the production and promotion of robots of all kinds. Each year, Nippon’s Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) chooses a handful of robots it thinks are especially cool and gives them the so-called Robot Award [JP]. The ministry yesterday announced… Read More