Let The App Creation Era Begin: Yapp Events App Builder Launches Out Of Beta

Remember the time when web sites were reserved for businesses, or niche designers? Before the days of Tumblr and Wordpress and even MySpace (where I learned my first bit of basic code). Now anyone can

Yapp Founder Maria Seidman On The Rise Of App Creation And Being A Pregnant Founder

<a href="https://beta.techcrunch.com/2012/04/04/yapp-raises-funding-from-kleiner-perkins-to-allow-anyone-to-create-sleek-mobile-apps-for-events/">Yapp</a> has been around for a little over two months,

Yapp Raises Funding From Kleiner Perkins To Allow Anyone To Create Mobile Apps For Events

Maria Seidman helps organize a monthly womens' networking event for her business school alums in New York City but was frustrated with some of the options for creating a dedicated mobile app for an ev