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The NFL and Verizon’s new streaming deal will bring games to all mobile carriers

Verizon will no longer be the exclusive U.S. mobile carrier for watching NFL games on smartphones and tablets. According to an announcement this morning, the company – and TechCrunch’s par

Yahoo Sports Gets iOS 7 Redesign, Awesome Gif Creation Tool For Sharing ‘Big 4’ Sports Moments

Yahoo Sports gets a fantastic looking redesign today for iOS 7, and gains a slick new feature called ‘Loops’. Loops allows you to skim through a game, pick a short segment and create a gif

Yahoo! UK debuts Premier League footy highlights

<img alt="" src="" title="Yahoo" class="shot" width="150" height="53" />After securing the Premier League football onli

Yahoo's latest marketing ammunition: David Beckham

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Yahoo Tries To Score With Football Fans By Teaming Up With David Beckham

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Facebook Like Buttons Pop Up On Yahoo Sports

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