• Yahoo Sunsets Yahoo Pipes, An IFTTT Precursor, Along With Yahoo Maps And More

    Yahoo Sunsets Yahoo Pipes, An IFTTT Precursor, Along With Yahoo Maps And More

    Before there were tools like IFTTT, which lets you mash up data from web services along with other content in new ways, there was Yahoo Pipes, an online (and somewhat geeky) visual interface that let you aggregate and filter web data without requiring the end user to have programming skills. But now Yahoo Pipes is being laid to rest. The service will soon close down, along with… Read More

  • Craigslist Unclogs Yahoo Pipes

    Two weeks ago we wrote about the story of developer Romy Maxwell, who had built a Craigslist mashup using Yahoo Pipes. A few weeks after sending his app to Craigslist founder Craig Newmark (who forwarded it to other members of the Craigslist team), the world’s largest classifieds site blocked Maxwell’s app. And then it blocked every other application built on Yahoo, much to… Read More

  • Microsoft Popfly Gets Squashed

    Microsoft has announced that in late August it will be discontinuing availability and support for its once popular mashup creation application Popfly. In a blog post, team leader John Montgomery confirms the internal deadpooling, although he doesn’t call it the way we do. He writes that on August 24, 2009 the Popfly service will be discontinued and all sites, references, and resources… Read More

  • Five Ways to Mix, Rip, and Mash Your Data

    Call them pipes, teqlos, dapps, modules, mashups or whatever else but fact is that recently we have seen a good number of new services that allow developers and users to build mini-apps and mashups that mix and re-mix data. Here we run through 5 applications that allow you to mix, rip and mash your data, looking at the data input, output, REST support, suggested use, and required skill… Read More

  • Yahoo! Launches Pipes

    It takes effort to explain the significance of a new product when the immediate benefit to consumers may not be so obvious, and the awkwardly named “pipes” from Yahoo! is no exception. The product name is taken from the world of UNIX where a pipe is a conduit for the transfer of data between applications, while with the Yahoo product it is a conduit for data between web services. In… Read More