• Screen Shot Of Yahoo Mosh; Plus Nokia Has A Mosh, Too

    More updates from our post yesterday on Mosh, Yahoo’s new social networking initiative. One reader has sent in what could very well be a screen shot of the service. It could also easily be a quickly mocked up fake, but I don’t care because Darth Vader holding a banana and a guitar is something that I feel compelled to put up on TechCrunch. If it’s real, my guess is the Mosh… Read More

  • Mosh, Yahoo's New Social Network Initiative

    Here’s a juicy tip – we’ve been hearing about a new Yahoo social network initiative called Mosh, which is at but can only be accessed from inside the Yahoo offices. If you happen to be using the guest wifi at Yahoo, you should be able to access the site, although this may be shut down soon. It’s likely this would replace Yahoo’s 360 social… Read More