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Yahoo Buzz Opens Doors To Everyone

Buzz, Yahoo’s Digg-like effort to leverage reader gestures and third party content in determining the most popular news, removes it’s barriers to entry tonight. Until now only a hundred or

Propeller 2.0 Launches: Ditching The Vote Count, Adding A Mascot

Propeller, AOL’s Digg-like news site, launches version 2.0 later this morning. The site sports a new design and logo and now has a mascot – described as “part professor, part citizen

Publish2 To Launch Digg Variation As Journalist Resource

Update: screenshot and additional details of Publish2 is here. New startup Publish2 hasn’t launched or even entered private beta yet, but the company has scored $2.75 million in funding. The inv

Yahoo Buzz: Yahoo Reveals Stats From The First Two Weeks

Yahoo Buzz, a Digg-like service that launched on February 25, is now nearly three weeks old. We asked Yahoo to share some of the data from those first two weeks. The big benefit for publishers is that

Yahoo Buzz Launches: Popular Stories To Go On Yahoo Homepage

Yahoo launches the much anticipated Yahoo Buzz tonight – a Digg-like site that takes stories from pre-approved news publishers (100 to start) and let’s users vote on stories and push them

Yahoo Buzz Launching Soon

Half of the country’s tech bloggers and journalists, it seems, are under embargo around next week’s launch of Yahoo Buzz. Word has still leaked, likely from recently layed off Yahoo employ