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  • Yahoo BOSS Will Now Cost You, But It Is Still Five Times Cheaper Than Google's Search API

    When Yahoo handed search over to Microsoft, it shut down some of its developer programs but one that survived was Yahoo BOSS, its search API for other websites. Last summer, however, Yahoo announced that BOSS would no longer be free for developers. Today, Yahoo finally released the upcoming pricing for Yahoo BOSS. Unlimited searches across the Web will cost 80 cents per 1,000 searches… Read More

  • Yahoo BOSS To Survive Microsoft Deal In Some Form; Details Still Hazy

    After months of silence, Yahoo’s BOSS team is opening up to frustrated third party developers about the future of the powerful search platform. A few hours ago, Yahoo’s Ashim Chhabra left a post on the BOSS group forum, offering an explanation for why it has taken so long for Yahoo to relay information to developers, and giving them some idea of BOSS’s fate. The good news? Read More

  • Yahoo Loses The Brains Behind Boss

    The brains behind Yahoo Boss, a young engineer named Vik Singh, is leaving Yahoo to become an entrepreneur-in-residence at Sutter Hill Ventures. Earlier this year, Singh was named to Technology Review’s 35 Under 35 list at the age of 24. Singh is exactly the kind of talent Yahoo should be trying to hold onto, but that is hard to do now that it is ceding search to Microsoft. Singh is… Read More

  • Yahoo BOSS Might Be Bigger Than Bing

    One of the least appreciated, but smartest, moves Yahoo has made in the past year is to launch Yahoo BOSS, its open search APIs which lets developers create their own custom search engine using Yahoo’s algorithms. We use it to power search across the TechCrunch network. And we are not alone. It has become immensely popular. By last May, Yahoo BOSS was serving up 30 million search… Read More

  • Yahoo Readies The Meter For Its First Web Services Business

    Yahoo is announcing several changes to its Search BOSS service, which lets developers incorporate web results from Yahoo’s main search index into their own web apps. The biggest of these changes intends to transform one of Yahoo’s most innovative projects into a real business. Since launch, the BOSS API has been provided entirely for free. Now Yahoo is putting in place a freemium… Read More

  • Elevator Pitch Friday: Truevert, The Green Search Engine

    Getting someone to try a new search engine is not easy. In this Friday’s Elevator Pitch, Herbert Roitblat tries to entice you to try his new green search engine Truevert by asking, “Are you average?” Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft Live, he contends, give you average results. Truevert gives you special results—everything comes back through green-colored glasses. So… Read More