Creators can now monetize their expertise on Quora

In May, Yahoo! Answers shut down after helping the internet answer its most burning questions since 2005. But now, Quora, which began as a question-and-answer site but expanded to incorporate blogging

Yahoo Answers makes its official mobile debut

Yahoo Answers has officially launched on mobile. As TechCrunch reported last month, Yahoo’s experimental app code-named Yahoo Hive had been rebranded as Yahoo Answers Now — a move that ind

Yahoo brings its Q&A site to mobile via a new app, Yahoo Answers Now

Yahoo has quietly launched a native mobile app for Yahoo Answers, one of the web’s largest Q&A sites which attracts over 3.1 million U.S. monthly visitors. The app, which was previously bei

Author Fights For His Book On The Internet After Slacking Student Pleads For A Quick Summary

You never know who you'll meet on the internet. Maybe it's the Craigslist killer, or maybe it's the author of a book you need to read for your summer school assignment. For Yahoo! user ♥ Idiot Ameri

Answer Underground Aims To Be A Mobile-Focused Quora For Education, Hits The iPad This Week

There are some 3.7 billion web searches every month for education-related topics. However, ask a student how easy it is to find answers to their burning academic questions, and they'll probably just r

(Founder Stories) Stack Exchange CEO: "Nobody Wants To Find Yahoo Answers In Their Search Results"

<img src="" /> There sure are a lot of Q&A sites on the Internet, but not all Q&A sites are the same. In the <em>Founder Stories</e

Why I Don’t Buy the Quora Hype

<img src="" /> Let me start with a disclaimer: I am not writing this in my capacity as a university professor or researcher; I don’

Quora Answers The Question: How Will You Avoid Becoming Yahoo Answers?

<img class="alignright size-full wp-image-261485" title="yahoo_answers" src="" alt="" />As we're all well aware by now, the Q&A se

Are Questions The "Future Of Facebook"?

<img src=""> About a week ago, <a href="">word started getting out</a> that

Yahoo Answers Gets A Much-Needed Facelift

<img src=""> Back in October, Yahoo <a href="

Jimmy Wales Quietly Launches Wikianswers

<img src="" /> Here's a question for you. How many Q&A sites does the Web really need? Already, there is <a href="http://an

Answerpedia: The Yahoo Product That Never Launched

<img src="" /> Yahoo Answers is <a href="">three years old</a> this w

Is Yahoo Trying To Sell Yahoo Answers?

<img alt="" />Part of Yahoo's survival strategy beyond <a href="">merging</a> with AOL may be to sell of what they consi

Happy Birthday Yahoo Answers

Yahoo Answers turns one today. The company will hold a celebration at its campus in Sunnyvale to celebrate how far they’ve come. In one year, Yahoo Answers has had 60 million users and 160 milli

BitWine Gives Access To Those In The Know

A company called BitWine launched an interactive search site about three weeks ago. It is much like Ether in that it is a call-an-expert service, except BitWine is integrated with Skype. In fact BitWi

Yahoo! Answers launches API

The wildly successful Yahoo! Answers is moving to take its global community of user shared knowledge to the next level with today’s release of an API for outside developers interested in accessi

Yahoo! Answers launches Ask the Planet campaign

Yahoo! Answers unveiled a new promotion today called “Ask the Planet,” where celebrities, notables and allegedly interesting people will pose questions that users will answer for a chance