XYZPrinting announces the da Vinci Color Mini

XYZPrinting may have finally cracked the color 3D printing code. Their latest machine, the $1,599 da Vinci Color Mini is a full color printer that uses three CMY ink cartridges to stain the filament a

XYZprinting adds voice control to its color 3D printers

XYZprinting wants users to talk to its 3D printers. Say, print an apple and it will print an apple. Say, calibrate the printer and the printer will calibrate. This feature is available on its new $380

XYZPrinting announces a $3,000 full-color 3D printer

Full-color 3D printing at home has long been a wild-eyed dream of consumers and hobbyists alike. Thus far it’s been fun to print out little trinkets in a single color, but to create something mo

The da Vinci Nano is a full-fledged 3D Printer for $230

Being a technology enthusiast and early adopter means being intimately familiar with the rate it takes for new technology to drop in price to a level where it’s sustainable as a true consumer produc

XYZPrinting’s CEO still believes in 3D-printing ubiquity

Three years ago, the entire industry was bullish about the future of 3D printing. The future seemed astronomical, the possibilities limitless. The technology took over a floor at the Consumer Electron

The bathroom mirror gets smart

New Kinpo Group is an odd company. Its CEO popped into our New York City offices the other week ostensibly to speak about its XYZ brand, whose budget 3D printers have shot to the top of the top spot i

XYZ launches a $249 3D printer for schools

XYZ came seemingly out of nowhere to capture the top spot in the 3D printing market. The Taipei-based company’s success is due in no small part to the fact that it’s managed to price out the compe

XYZprinting releases a $50 3D printing pen

Probably could have seen this one coming from a mile away. XYZprinting, the Taiwanese company that’s made a name for itself with its user-friendly and reasonably priced da Vinci line, is branching o

XYZprinting’s new 3D printer is designed for the classroom

Likely best known for its low cost 3D printing/scanning all-in-ones, hardware maker XYZprinting is making its first focused play in the education space with the da Vinci miniMaker, a $229 device desig

The da Vinci 1.0 AiO Is The Future Of All-In-One 3D Printers

As we enter the second half of this, the Decade of 3D Printing, we are coming to a crossroads. On one hand the Rebel open source RepRap crowd are clamoring to keep 3D printing free, man, while the Imp