• Apple Quietly Retiring The Xserve Today

    The Apple Xserve is at the end of its life. Today’s the last day you can pick one up directly from Apple.com. Sorry, everyone. There’s cake in the break room and you’re going to have to look elsewhere for your Apple rackmounted solutions — or throw the $999 Mac mini Snow Leopard Server on table and hook up a couple of external hard drives. Read More

  • Apple Drops XServe, Pitches Mac Pro Instead

    Apple will remove the XServe server platform form the Apple Store on January 31, 2011, suggesting instead the server-oriented Mac Mini with no optical drive or the Mac Pro. The platform, introduced in 2002, allowed Apple a toehold in the heavy-duty IT world but the 1U servers have proven to be slightly less energy efficient than a standard Mac Mini and, obviously, much larger. Read More

  • Sweet merciful Jehovah! The Apple store is down! UPDATE 2

    COULD IT BE A NEW IPHONE? A PIECE OF CORN ON THE COB? A DANCING FISH? A NICE KUGEL? WHAT IS IT! UPDATE – Could be a 2TB Time Capsule. OR A HOUSE ELF LIKE DOBBY! UPDATE 2 – It’s new Xserves. The servers now come packing with Core i7 Nehalem CPUs, more memory, and larger hard drives at similar price points as the older ones. Read More

  • Apple goes enterprise? It could happen

    While some of us may remember the XServe and basically say “didn’t Apple already go enterprise? And fail?” this rumor is different. Basically folks are saying that thanks to the iPhone SDK, ActiveSync/Exchange support, and sheer force of will on Steve’s part Apple will become a fully-fledged enterprise player, offering synced iPhones and Mac hardware to hungry… Read More

  • Apple updates Mac Pro, Xserve: Penryn processors

    [photopress:08mp_display.jpg,full,center] A prelude of things to come next week at MacWorld? Apple speed bumped the Mac Pro and Xserve today; both now use Intel’s recently-released Penryn processor. The revised Mac Pro, what every little Mac Head wish he had the money for, has: – two 2.8 GHz Quad-Core Intel Xeon processors with dual-independent 1600 MHz front side buses;
    –… Read More

  • Apple's New Xserve

    In case you weren’t one of the lucky few that made it to WWDC, this is what Apple’s new Xserve looks like. Most of us won’t have any need for it, but for our IT drone readers that happen to work with Xserves, take a good look. Apple’s new server [CNET] Read More