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Sony Launches An Android Open Source Project For The Xperia Z Smartphone

Sony has decided to release a sequel to the Android Open Source Project (AOSP) for Xperia S it began in August of 2012, and took over from Google in November of last year. This time, the Xperia Z is g

Sony Mobile Chief Says The Xperia Tablet Z’s World Tour Will Begin In Q2

Sony Mobile Communications chief Kunimasa Suzuki took the stage to deliver something of a state of the mobile union address at MWC early this morning, and took a very brief detour to talk availability

With The Xperia Z And Xperia Tablet Z, Sony Has Finally Found Its Mobile Soul

There was a time when Sony defined mobile. Its products, along with wares from its partner Ericsson, where the very best looking and performing mobile devices. But that was a decade ago. Sony hasn't b