MS blocks HP's AMDs from SP3 update for XP (I love acronyms)

Since HP can’t seem to make the SP3 patch for XP work with its AMD procs, Microsoft has blocked these computers from getting the free update from Windows Update. The bug affected AMD-based compu

Blame game: Microsoft and AMD say the XP SP3 rebooting issue is everyone's fault but their own

All the craziness going on with XP’s SP3 and AMD processors is complex, but Microsoft wants you to know it’s not their fault, it’s HP’s fault, among others. It turns out that t

Microsoft to offer limited XP to low-cost PC makers

Microsoft has unveiled a plan under which a somewhat crippled version of XP will be made available to the makers of low-cost PCs like the Eee PC and XO laptop. I’m not sure how I feel about this

Windows XP's SP3 causing more problems with some AMD-based computers

This is getting silly on Microsoft’s part. Those SP3 updates we’ve been talking about for Windows XP might do some more harm than good. Some users have reported that the update causes thei

Problems with XP SP3 and your AMD-based computer?

A fellow Minnesotan named Jesper Johansson (I think that name MIGHT by Scandinavian) has a great article about how to fix a problem that seems to be plaguing AMD-based computers after upgrading to Win

SP3 "checked build" available in ISO form, hope you like 500 meg downloads!

The Windows Update version is supposed to be about 70mb, but is anyone really in that much of a hurry? This is the slow-cooked chef’s special version as opposed to the pan-sear for the consumers

Gateway launching three new lines of desktops tomorrow

Gateway is said to be launching three new lines of desktop computers tomorrow. One aimed at gamers, one for online media enthusiasts, and a line of entry level computers for average users. For gamers,

Automatic XP and Vista updates temporarily stopped

Apparently the service packs for Microsoft’s Windows XP and Windows Vista operating systems aren’t playing nicely with another one of Microsoft’s products; Microsoft Dynamics Retail

XP SP3 now available

You’ll soon be able to join the ranks of happy XP owners and download SP3 online. If you don’t want to wait for the updater to pick it up you can apparently download it here as well. It mi

Ballmer hints at extended Windows XP shelf life

Will Microsoft extend the life of Windows XP after all? Steve Ballmer told reporters today that “If customer feedback varies, we can always wake up smarter,” according to the Associated Pr

OLPC to become OLPXPC as program switches from Linux to Windows

The XO laptop from the One Laptop Per Child project was originally supposed to make inroads into the developing world and low-income areas for the free and open source community. But OLPC’s foun

Dell to support XP through 2012; Zune getting Audible support?

According to the Windows SuperSite blog, Dell is planning to support Windows XP through 2012, another four years. What’s not clear is Microsoft’s involvement in this, as its said that this

Ballmer calls Vista a 'work in progress' during speech

Okay then. Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer recently told a group of Microsoft MVPs (Most Valuable Professionals) that Vista is “a work in progress” and then asked, “Can we just sort of k

THIS JUST IN: Some people don't want XP to go away

On June 30th, Microsoft will stop selling Windows XP. According to the Associated Press, some people aren’t too thrilled “that Microsoft has the power to enforce the phase-out from a stabl

Microsoft may keep XP around awhile longer for sub-notebook users

Windows XP is one of the two available OSes for the Eee PC, but there’s a problem: The Eee PC is fairly new, but Microsoft has publicly said it is planning on killing XP in the near future. That

Upgrade to Vista from XP for free

Chris Pirillo has found a method for upgrading to Vista from XP without activation. It’s a seamless upgrade in the System folder and has been confirmed by Microsoft. Hurry, before they close the

Windows XP service pack 3 getting closer to reality

[photopress:Windows_XP_SP3_Lives_Available_from_Microsoft_Leaked_Screenshots_4.jpg,full,center] For those of you who use Windows but shun Vista for XP, you’re in luck, as the third (and last) se

Asus says XPEee will outsell regular Eee

Take a look around the cubicles at Asustek headquarters and you’ll see nary a March Madness bracket worksheet in sight. No, the good folks at Asus are making a much bigger, bolder bet. A bet tha

Roper launches badass ruggedized tablet PC with 8-inch touchscreen

[photopress:roper_duros1.jpg,full,center]There aren’t many XP machines that get my drool factory started, but the Duros from Roper is one. It’s a ruggedized tablet PC, ideal for worksites,

Getting XP after June 30 is a'gonna be hard, Luigi!

It seems that Microsoft will stop selling XP licenses after June 30 — so sad — so what is a poor country boy with Vista to do? Well, InfoWorld is reporting that you can, in some circumstan
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