• Who Says Tablets Are Useless? This One's Running A Minecraft Server

    Now, this isn’t exactly groundbreaking stuff, but it does really demonstrate the fact that all tablets (especially the more recent and hackable ones) are just small computers. Anything’s possible — convenient, perhaps not, but if you’re looking to take full advantage of the hardware you’ve just bought, there are definitely ways to go about doing that. Read More

  • WiFi-Only Motorola Xoom Now Up For Pre-Order

    Yesterday, Motorola announced the WiFi-only Xoom would be hitting stores March 27th; but they never mentioned anything about pre-orders. Well a few retailers have answered the question of many  and put up pre-orders..right now. Head to Amazon, Costco or Staples to jump on the pre-order, no need to hurry though, they won’t be running out any time soon. Read More

  • Motorola Xoom WiFi Hitting Seven Retailers March 27th For $599

    The wait is nearly over, Android fans. The WiFi-only flavor of the Xoom is set to hit a bunch of retailers in just over two weeks on March 27th. Amazon, Best Buy, Costco, RadioShack, Staples, Walmart, and select Sam’s Club locations should all offer the tablet both in stores and through their respective online services. The WiFi-only flavor packs everything found in the 3G… Read More

  • Vidyo's HD Video Conferencing Platform Now Supports iPad 2, XOOM And Atrix

    Video conferencing technology company Vidyo is enhancing its platform with support for Apple’s just released iPad 2, Motorola’s XOOM tablet and Atrix smartphone. The platform utilizes the company’s VidyoTechnology SDK, which is available to third parties, and enables 720p HD multipoint video conferencing that works on a range of mobile devices. With Vidyo’s platform… Read More

  • Tablet Camera Throwdown: iPad 2 Vs Motorola Xoom

    We have to level with you. The iPad 2 has some flaws. One would only expect that the iPad 2, a device many many months ahead of the iPhone 4, would have an equal or better quality camera. Sadly, it doesn’t. So to see just where the iPad 2 camera ranks with the rest of the meaningful tablets, Macworld thoroughly tests them. Read More

  • Testing Backs Up iPad 2's Purported Graphical Prowess

    Anandtech has run a few synthetic benchmarks on the iPad 2, comparing it with the original iPad and the Motorola Xoom. I’m actually pretty shocked by how far ahead it is. I considered Apple’s “9x faster” boasts to be more or less exaggerations of still-significant gains, but this thing is taking the Tegra 2 to school. Remember, though: the Tegra 2 is pushing ~25%… Read More

  • Xooms Not Selling So Well

    Remember the Xoom? We really liked it. Anyway, Jefferies analyst Peter Misek says that the Xoom is going to be knee-capped by the iPad 2 this week and probably for the rest of its natural life, a situation that does not bode well for the Honeycomb tablet. Read More

  • Xoom Update Coming Today, Adobe Flash 10.2 On March 18th

    Xoom owners? Verizon is pushing a update to your darling tablet sometime today, which will then allow you to download Flash 10.2 next week. 10.2 brings a host of new features: hardware accelerated H.264 playback, faster webpage rendering, and a new ActionScript API for better soft keyboard support. All this fun comes next week on the 18th. [Verizon & Abobe] Read More

  • Analyst: Non-iPad Tablets Will Be Collecting Dust On Store Shelves

    The immense popularity of the iPad, and now the iPad 2, has Apple’s competitors, in the words of Steve Jobs, flummoxed. What to do? According to a J.P. Morgan Research analyst, it may well be that all of these competitor tablets will be sitting on the store shelves as folks decide en masse that the iPad is the way to go. In other words, competitors try to convince people that their tablet… Read More

  • TechCrunch Review — The iPad 2: Yeah, You're Gonna Want One.

    TechCrunch Review — The iPad 2: Yeah, You're Gonna Want One.

    In January 2010, shortly after its unveiling, I first got my hands on an iPad. My initial reaction? “The iPad is like holding the future.” And that’s funny because here we are, just a little over a year into that future, and something new has come along that makes holding the iPad 1 feel like holding the past: the iPad 2. A week ago, after its unveiling, I got some hands on… Read More

  • Staples To Sell Motorola Xoom And BlackBerry PlayBook This April

    The tablet wars are coming to Staples in April. According to a leaked internal memo, employees will be trained on the Xoom and PlayBook at the end of this month with both tablets then launching the following month. That timetable is inline with the PlayBook’s rumored launch, but RIM has not officially announced its launch details including release date or price. This move does somewhat… Read More

  • The iPad2, Motorola Xoom, and Group Texting

    OMG/JK: A Kiss For iPad 2, A Slap For Xoom

    It’s war! This week, I went to the unveiling of the iPad 2 and got some hands-on time with the device afterwards. Meanwhile, Jason bought a Xoom and has been extensively testing it out. The consensus? iPad 2: Good. Xoom: Bad. At least for now. I haven’t extensively played with iPad 2 yet, and Google is undoubtedly going to patch the Xoom. But still, first impressions are key. Jason… Read More

  • Wi-Fi Xoom With "Homeycomb" To Sell For $539?

    An inside man or woman at Sam’s Club has sent Droid-Life a few pictures of the Motorola Xoom end cap display there, and the price is refreshingly low, considering the total cost of ownership for a subsidized 3G one. $539 is still a chunk of change, but it might give the iPad shopper pause. Bear in mind these prices are unconfirmed, and considering the other errors on the placard… Read More

  • An iPad Lover's (Initial) Thoughts On iPad 2

    An iPad Lover's (Initial) Thoughts On iPad 2

    “These are post-PC devices, that need to be even easier to use than a PC.” That was Apple CEO Steve Jobs’ closing remark as he left the stage having just announced the iPad 2 at an event today in San Francisco. And that comment really summed up the vibe of the entire event. When Jobs was on stage, he made it very clear over and over again that the iPad competition out there… Read More

  • Breakdown Reveals Xoom Cost To Build: $278

    Motorola’s Xoom, the first Android 3.0 tablet to get into consumer hands (if you don’t count hacked Nook Colors), has a total cost of about $278, according to UBM TechInsights and iSuppli. That’s $33 more than the iPad’s cost-to-build estimate. On the consumer pricing front, an iPad with 3G and 32GB of storage costs $729, while the Xoom is $799. Motorola is, of… Read More

  • Cause And Effect: Xoom Causes Galaxy Tab To Drop Price

    The Galaxy Tab originally launched with a $600 price tag after 2-year contract. Now, the Galtab is priced to sell: $299 after 2-year contract at Verizon. The price drop comes just after the Motorola Xoom released. Read More

  • Hacked: Motorola Xoom Already Rooted

    That didn’t take long. Yesterday, we reported that hacker @koush had successfully made the Xoom moddable by installing his ClockworkMod Recovery ROM manager. At that point root access was not achieved, but, no less than a day later he made it happen. Read More

  • iFixIt Tears Down The Motorola Xoom, Finds It Full Of Parts, Air

    The Motorola Xoom, like the iPad, is mostly dead air and a battery. iFixIt did their best to tear out all the important bits, finding a large screen, a handsome circuit board, and what appears to be a dead PCI board dedicated to future upgrades. Read More

  • Xoom Shows Its Mod-Friendliness With ClockworkMod Install

    It was only just released, but the Motorola Xoom has already been made moddable by Seattle hacker @koush, who installed his ClockworkMod Recovery ROM manager on the device with no problems. Kind of a 180 after all that hullaballoo about the Droid series having highly protected bootloaders. Read More

  • What Do You Want To Know About The Xoom? Ask Me Tomorrow Live

    I have the Motorola Xoom here in my hot little hands and I put it through its paces over the past few days and I’d love to demonstrate and explore the device with your questions in mind. What I’m planning is a 12pm Eastern/9am Pacific LIVE STREAM for one hour TOMORROW Friday, February 25, answering the questions you have about the device and going through some of the screens. Read More