Sprint’s combination 3G/4G USB modem here Sunday

This Sunday, Sprint customers in the Baltimore area will be able to purchase a USB modem that’s capable of handling both 3G and 4G (Wi-Max) wireless signals. That’s a combined total of 7G! The dev

FCC clears the Xohm/ClearWire merger

Jeez – busy enough day, FCC? Hot on the tails of the “white space” decision and approving Verizon’s buyout of Alltel, the FCC has cleared the merger of Sprint’s Xohm WiMa

Baltimore's Xohm speeds scrutinized

The promise of Wi-Max is nothing less than high-speed wireless internet practically anywhere you go. Of course, the reality falls short, as it often does, but it still shows itself a worthy successor

Sprint has America's most overpaid executives

Outside of Xohm, what does Sprint have going for it? According to some sort of investor advisory group, Glass, Lewis & Co., Sprint is also home to America’s most overpaid executives. Now tha

Lenovo, Acer, and Toshiba all rocking the WiMAX in their lappies

Oh my! Three of the biggest laptop makers out there all announcing 4G/WiMAX/XOHM service. All on the same day, too. It’s almost as if it was planned. Acer has it in their big ones, Toshiba has i

WiMax testing in Baltimore: Nickjr.com loads in 15 seconds

Laptop Magazine, the most popular laptop magazine in the Scranton Airport, jetted down to Baltimore where they tested Sprint’s XOHM service in the wild. The results, when compared to Verizon EV-

Sprint may throttle BitTorrent/P2P for XOHM users

Right as it leaves the starting gate, there might already be a bit of controversy surrounding Sprint’s 4G WiMax offering, XOHM. Silicon Valley Insider did a bit of digging through the XOHM polic

Sprint (finally) launches Xohm aka WiMAX network in Baltimore

It’s real, ladies and germs. Sprint’s much anticipated and often thought vaporware service has finally gone live in Baltimore. The WiMAX service dubbed Xohm is 4G and boasts download speeds of 2-4

Sprint's XOHM WiMax service goes live in Baltimore

Turns out the September launch date rang true after all. Sprint announced this morning that their next-generation wireless data network, XOHM, has been launched in Baltimore. For $25-$30 a month or $1

Motorola intros its first WiMAX adapter – the USBw 100

The WiMAX rollout should be right ’round the corner and Motorola is here with the USBw 100 adapter just in time. The companies first WiMAX device is coming in three tasty flavors – 2.3GHz

Sprint's XOHM WiMax service slips back to October

Remember just last week, when someone at Sprint said they’d still be launching their XOHM WiMax service in September? Turns out “September” is just a fancy way to spell “Octobe

Sprint's Xohm WiMax could still launch in September

After missing breezing right past the original April target, Sprint set September as the launch window for the Baltimore debut of its WiMax service, Xohm. As September draws to an end without word fro

Official WiMAX rollout begins in September

After being delayed and delayed again, Sprint appears to finally be ready to roll out its high-speed WiMAX network, XOHM. The service will be offered to consumers in Baltimore starting in September. I

Sprint: Xohm's ready to roll

Sprint’s finally giving the thumbs up to its Xohm service, currently being tested in the DC area. Xohm is Sprint’s deployment of WiMAX, and it has spent millions getting it ready as a 4G n

Rumor: Sprint and Clearwire closing WiMAX partnership deal?

Speaking of Xohm, Sprint’s WiMAX initiative, rumors are swirling around Wall Street that Sprint will announce a partnership with Clearwire tomorrow, unifying their two disparate networks as one

Xohm again delayed for back-end connectivity issues

Sprint’s Xohm WiMAX networks is facing another delay, though this one’s not because of faulty technology or delays in development, but because the T1 lines carriers traditionally use as th

Acer WiMax notebook to be sold by service providers

The cost of your next notebook might just be subsidized by a wireless carrier. Acer today announced the Aspire 5920 notebook, which will contain a WiMax chipset and will be sold by upcoming WiMax prov

Why Cable And WiMax Shouldn't Mix

WiMax is going nowhere fast but that is not stopping a consortium of cable and tech companies from considering a plan to invest $3 billion more into a proposed bailout-through-merger of Sprint Nextel&

Sprint to release CDMA/WiMAX handsets this year

Dan Hesse, Sprint Nextel’s new CEO and the man in charge of turning the troubled company around, said in a conference call yesterday that Sprint’s still exploring the possibility of a WiMA

Sprint's Wimax initiative could mean death of 'regular' cellphone service

Since when did Sprint become part of the technological avant garde? Its investment in WiMax, what it’s branding Xohm, is beginning to pay off, with the company rolling out the wireless broadband
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