The best of Highway1’s hardware accelerator demo day

Highway1 is a rare breed of accelerator that has realized that the people who most need help are the folks who are doing the startups thing with hardware products. Uniquely positioned in the final-ver

Amazon participating in OLPC XO giving mission

True to its word, Amazon is throwing its global retail reach into the OLPC XO mission this Christmas season. The site is now offering buy-one, send-one to a developing nation notebook program. Or if y

Hands on with OLPC and Windows XP

We’ve known for a while that Microsoft was going to be showing up on OLPC’s XO. Starting in September the little laptop meant to inspire children in developing countries will ship with two operati

The Reg takes on the OLPC XO

Ever a trustable resource, The Register has completed its full review of the OLPC XO laptop. The verdict? I don’t want to spoil the surprise. Actually, I do: they are pleased, but cautious and c

No love lost between the OLPC project and Intel

  A week ago, Intel announced that it was leaving the OLPC project due to various disagreements between the two groups. OLPC software and content president Walter Bender doesn’t seem too mi

OLPC project off to a good start in Peru

The OLPC XO laptop seems to be a hit in Peru. The country placed the largest order for the machines (272,000) and it’s already enjoying success in many of the smaller rural villages. One village

OLPC's first kids get their units; vaporware schmaporware

We’ve been paying a lot of attention to the OLPC project, and the resultant XO laptop. That’s because the project is ambitious as it is important, putting laptops into the hands of those w