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XO Laptop to be sold in Europe (for a lot more than $100)

Those crazy Europeans will be able to buy an XO Laptop, too. Amazon’s Euro stores will sell the little guy for £263 (or €313 or $390). That’s strange, considering the One Laptop Per Chi

Amazon to start selling OLPC's XO Laptop this November; dual boot version next month

The OLPC program just got a lot more mainstream, with word that Amazon will start selling the XO Laptop starting in November. It’ll be sold as part of the “Give One, Get One” program, meanin

New OLPC revealed: OLPC Dual Screen!

If the first OLPC XO laptop was considered a fashion item, just think how popular this thing will be. Of course, at the moment it’s only a little bit more real than fairy dust, and the idea that

Nature or nuture: XO Laptops will now run Windows

The XO Laptop (or the OLPC, whatever you want to call it) will now run Windows, giving children around the world the opportunity to dislike Microsoft as much as we do. I think we alluded to the sort o

OLPC to become OLPXPC as program switches from Linux to Windows

The XO laptop from the One Laptop Per Child project was originally supposed to make inroads into the developing world and low-income areas for the free and open source community. But OLPC’s foun

These could be photos of the Intel Netbook

[photopress:inetbook2.jpg,full,center] These could be photos of Intel’s upcoming Netbook, the corp’s answer to do-good computers like the XO Laptop and the Asus Eee(eeee) PC. There’s

Intel quits OLPC, stops work on XO Laptop after dispute

[photopress:olpcintel.jpg,full,center] The first OLPC story of 2008 isn’t exactly positive. It seems Intel has left the initiative, claiming the OLPC camp, lead by the cocksure Nicholas Negropon

Windows XP being ported to XO Laptop

Photo from this guy’s Flickr. Microsoft is hard at work porting Windows XP for the XO Laptop. That’s good news for any number of reasons, not least of which because it gives an air of legi

$100 laptop goes into mass production five years after announcement

AP image Five years after it was announced, mass production of the One Laptop Per Child/XO laptop/thisweeksnewname laptop has finally started. The laptop, which was originally promoted as a $100 compu

Uruguay first to purchase XO Laptop (OLPC, $100 laptop, whatever its name is today)

AP image I won’t even bother explaining what the $100 laptop (which is really a $183 laptop) is since we write about it seemingly every day. I will, however, casually mention that Uruguay, winne