• Zune apps galore – games, chat, even a clock

    Since the launch of the new Zune store and the advent of XNA development for Zunes, there has apparently been quite a lot of activity. I’ve been waiting for a nice omnibus post like this one to point me in the right direction. You’ve got your tetris, you’ve got your solitaire, you’ve even got a chat app — although if your Zune is close enough to another Zune that… Read More

  • Microsoft getting into user-created games for Xbox

    Not content to let initiatives like Nintendo’s WiiWare and Sony’s PlayStation Network hog all the user-created glory, Microsoft has recently unveiled its “Community Games” project for Xbox Live, currently in closed beta, according to GamesIndustry.biz. Microsoft’s David Edery says that this project will “leapfrog” WiiWare and PSN, although it… Read More

  • Zune gets clocked

    (updated with a link to the freaking program)
    So with the XNA Game Studio released as part of Zune’s 2.5 update, what do you think is the first big release? A port of Doom, perhaps? An Atari emulator? Hello world? No. It’s a clock. Silencing the complaints of trillions of Zunatics worldwide, the new application zClock does what the Zune development team could not — or would… Read More

  • XNA Game Studio on the Zune could be sweet

    I’m hanging out at Microsoft with all the Zunatics here, and they’ve just made an interesting announcement regarding games on the Zune. If you’ll take a moment to look at your Zune, I think you’ll find there are, fact, no games at all. Well, they’re looking to change that – the guys here are creating a really robust game development suite that will have… Read More

  • Games that should be on the Zune

    [photopress:rezzzz.jpg,full,center] Microsoft has said that video games from its XNA Game Studio will make their way to the Zune. Being the ambitious young man that I am, I thought to myself, “Well why stop at XNA games? What if Microsoft were magically able to strike deals with publishers, letting it port over other games to the Zune?” Perhaps the biggest problem is figuring out… Read More

  • XNA-developed Community Games head to Xbox Live

    Little Gamers is one such game Also mentioned in Microsoft’s Game Developers Conference keynote was that it will let independent developers release their XNA-created games on Xbox Live. The XNA toolkit came out in 2006 but there previously hadn’t been a way for devs to release their work for mass consumption. Seven such games, dubbed… Read More

  • Sony Says It May Allow Indie Developers For The PS3

    Taking a cue from Microsoft’s XNA Game Studios, Sony’s Phil Harrison recently said in an interview that Sony would be willing to open up the PS3 to independent developers. (Yes, we know, the Net Yaroze did this years ago, but nobody cared back then. Plus, the homebrew community today is able to produce software that’s better than what a lot of commercial entities come up… Read More

  • Xbox 360 XNA Express Available For Download

    . The actual XNA will be $99 per year when it’s released, but you can try the XNA Express to get a taste of what you’ll get in the final version. Maybe you can make the next Geometry Wars! Sorry about that. Looks like this is only for Windows XP gaming. The Xbox 360 support will come later this year when the full version is released. Download Page [Microsoft via Major Nelson] Read More