• Battle Over: Twitter Opens Up To Gnip

    Since launching TechcrunchIT we have been pounding away about open standards and data availability. One of the biggest victims of this focus recently has been Twitter, who went from being a leading light in the field, to closing everything up and now finally today have gone back to being open again. Gnip has announced this morning that they now have access to the Twitter XMPP feed, and that… Read More

  • The Inevitable: Standards and Openess By Proxy

    A few days ago we posted about Twitter switching off XMPP support to the public, but keeping it open to select partners such as Summize. Since then, a number of developers have been putting together ways to achieve the same thing but without actual official support from Twitter. One of those developers is Dustin Sallings (Twitter), who has written an XMPP proxy that uses both the Summize… Read More

  • Deconstructing Twitter

    Today we get the latest full ongoing iterative back-filling explanation of Twitter and XMPP. Dave Winer’s intuition that FriendFeed is one of several (4) receipients of the XMPP data stream turns out to be correct. In a post this afternoon, Biz Stone confirms Summize and adds Twittervision and Zappos as the others. FriendFeed makes only small demands on its current subscriber base, but… Read More

  • The Crown Jewels

    It turns out the battle for control of Twitter rests almost exclusively in the unique value proposition of XMPP-served track. As Twitter strips away various features of its service to rebuild a scalable fail-whale -proof version, the one remaining hurdle is restoration of a fully-functional Track over IM. For the last two weeks, a one-way IM service via Gchat inside Gmail or Gtalk standalone… Read More