• Linux, Mac, & Windows XBMC port coming – Codename Atlantis

    XBMC, the undisputed, heavyweight champion of media centers, is finally being cross-ported with a simultaneous release. The upcoming release for Linux, Mac, Windows, and the Xbox should launch in two months, with an Alpha 3 release right around the corner for a bug hunting. Once this monumental feat happens though, the sky is certain to open up with beams of heavenly light shining down… Read More

  • XBox Media Center project being developed for OS X

      Waaaaay back in 2002, a little project known as Xbox Media Center (XBMC) was developed by a group of open source coders. XBMC ran unsigned on the original Xbox via either a hardware modchip or as a software exploit and replaced the traditional Xbox Dashboard with a media-focused interface. There’s been a Linux version in development since early last year and there’s now… Read More