Behold the decline and fall of the technical age: the scrolling LED tree ornament

It’s official in my book: technology has become so cheap that it can’t help but be tacky. You may take this art deco scrolling LED ornament as an example of this. It has a matrix of LEDs a

What I want for Christmas is my own private Chuck E Cheese

Or, at least, an adult approximation. Some of my fondest memories from childhood are from birthday parties at places like this – if not Chuck E Cheese then Funtasia, Funplex, or later Gameworks.

PhoneScoop's cellphone giving guide is gold

While we’re still a couple weeks away from our annual Smartphones Now state-of-the-smartphone package, those who are looking for a regular phone for the holidays should check out the buying guid

Jolly Vader: Star Wars Xmas ornaments look awesome

Hey Mom. i know you read my posts to check up an me, to make sure I haven’t slipped into a heroin-induced coma behind some bathhouse somewhere, but this is the first time I’ve addressed yo

MacBook upgrades for Xmas

Stevie Clause (not pictured) knows if you’re naughty or nice, and by the looks of the forthcoming speedbumps to the MacBook line, we’ve collectively been nice. Except you iPhone hackers, y

Xmas Tree Made Of Crappy Electronics

We realize it’s cool to be a geek and all, but some people really get into it. Example A: The Electronic Xmas Tree. Built with cold cathodes, blacklights, LEDs and completed with a Hello Kitty angel

Tiny Living Xmas Tree for Your Desk

For less than $10, you can tell that person in your office who whines about getting an office Xmas tree to STFU. And this little guy isn’t some plastic fakey tree, but a real growing organic lif