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  • Are Your Facebook And Twitter Friends Using Other Languages? Try XIHA

    If your social graph on Facebook and/or Twitter happens to consist of people who speak many different languages, it’s not always easy to make sense of their status updates. I know it can be a pain when people I follow constantly switch back and forth from English to Russian, Italian, Hebrew and so forth – because I don’t speak any of their native tongues nearly well enough to… Read More

  • XIHA Life partners with Blue Teach to offer social learning marketplace

    [Finland/France] XIHA Life, the multilingual social network, is partnering with video tutoring service Blue Teach to offer its users a social learning marketplace. Dubbed XIHA Learning, members of the social network can use Paris-Based Blue Teach’s browser-based video conferencing tool to teach on any subject they choose and, optionally, charge learners a fee. Blue Teach, and… Read More