• The XFX WarPad Mouse Pad Is Big And Bad

    Don’t believe what you’ve heard. The advent of optical and laser mouse sensors didn’t kill the mouse pad. Nope, the venerable desk accessory is alive and well thanks to users that crave performance and precision. The WarPad is a massive 6mm, 17 x 14-inch surface that clips onto the edge of your desk with a tapering edge. This not only gives your wrist a place to rest instead… Read More

  • XFX "gunning" for Nvidia with the ATI HD 5970

    Well, it looks like XFX packaging is going to be a little more secure then the stuff that Amazon uses. You’ll have to be careful leaving the store with this stuff, XFX appears to be packaging their version of the ATI HD 5970 in a replica of a H&K P90. Catchy, but hopefully they don’t lose any customers to gunfire. Read More