Apple buys app development service Buddybuild

Apple continues to ramp up its efforts to court developers by making it easier to create and iterate their apps for its platforms. The iPhone giant has now acquired Buddybuild, a Vancouver-based app t

Reactant is a new native framework for iOS apps

Just when you thought it was safe to go back to Xcode, a small Czech team called Brightify has created Reactant, a framework that makes it easy to program iOS apps. The system is a Swift-based framewo

Why is Android Studio still such a gruesome embarrassment?

About twice a year, I get involved in a project that requires me to do some Android development; so, about twice a year, I re-launch Google's so-called integrated development environment, Android Stud

You Can Now Install Screen Brightness App f.lux On Your iOS Device Without Jailbreaking It

When Apple combined their iOS and Mac developer programs a few months ago, the company also quietly dropped the requirement that you had to be a registered developer to load apps from Xcode to your iO

Apple Asks Developers To Verify Their Version Of Xcode Following Malware Attack On Chinese App Store

Following the recent reveal that the Chinese Apple App Store had become infested with malware, thanks to dozens of infected consumer-facing mobile apps that had been built and updated with a compromis

Swift, Appleā€™s New Programming Language, Has Been In Development For Nearly Four Years

At its WWDC event on Monday, Apple made waves among the iOS and Mac developer communities with the announcement of Swift, a new programming language designed from the ground up by the company's develo

Android vs. iOS Development: Fight!

The eternal startup question "Android or iOS first?" grows ever thornier, with <a href="https://beta.techcrunch.com/2013/11/14/gartner-456m-phones-sold-in-q3-55-smartphone-android-at-82-share-samsung-