Microsoft Confirms That The Xbox One Will Come With An Incredibly Sensitive New Kinect

The <a href="">Xbox One</a> was just unveiled at Microsoft's Redmond campus and, true to multi

Xbox One Instant Switching Turns The Console Into A Voice-Powered Set Top Box With Live TV Integration

Now leading the pack in gaming consoles, Microsoft's future growth lies outside the gaming sphere. We'll surely see tons of games at E3 in a few weeks, but at the big reveal of the Xbox One, the compa

After Months Of Speculation, Microsoft Officially Reveals Skype For The Xbox One

Microsoft’s Don Mattrick pulled back the curtain on the Xbox One at a live event at the company’s Redmond campus, and it wasn’t long at all before the talk turned to software. One ap

Here’s Your New Xbox One: Microsoft’s All-In-One Home Entertainment System

Microsoft has revealed its new Xbox, the successor to the Xbox 360. It's a next-generation console, with plenty of power under the hood, but it's also clearly about consolidating your digital entertai