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  • Xbox Film Club: See movies before they're released (in the UK)

    Microsoft has a new scheme designed to get people excited about watching movies on Xbox Live, which isn’t half-bad as it is now. They’re launching something called the Xbox Film Club, which gives a handful of lucky people (you have to enter and win) the chance to see new, hit movies before their theatrical release. It does seem to be UK-centric at this point, what with one of… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Xbox Live Marketplace Extended Play Download Days

    Get it while it’s hot, folks. Actually, you have until the end of October. Hopefully they offer a better assortment, but that’s just me. Read More


    While it’s no Duke Nukem Forever, Duke Nukem 3D has been been updated and will be available on XBox Live in September. Rumor has it that the new version will include co-op and multiplayer modes as well as an on-line score board. You could also just download it for your Mac/Linux box or PC, but you need those achievements, don’t you OCD boy. Read More

  • NHL 2K9 demo now on Xbox Live for free

    [ It’s always been a dream of mine to drive a Zamboni. The demo will provide fans an early chance to experience the new simplified controls and relive the excitement of this past season’s thrilling Stanley Cup™ Final for a brief three minute period as either the Pittsburgh Penguins or Detroit Red Wings at Joe Louis Arena in Detroit. Read More

  • Star Wars: The Force Unleashed demo released on Xbox Live

    The demo for Star Wars: The Force Unleashed is now on Xbox Live. The 900MB demo is available in all XBL regions, so people all over the world can enjoy the game. You wanna take a wild guess as to what’s my least favorite movie franchise of all time? I just never “got” it, sorry. Read More

  • Microsoft endorses Xbox Live iPhone/iPod Touch apps, but they have to be free

    I’m not the most avid Live player and my friends can attest to that. I’m just not very fond of getting my arse handed to me by 12-year-old girls. However, I do like to see what others are playing and how good they are, so I may actually download one of friends list apps through iTunes. You see, Microsoft requires that all apps pertaining to Xbox Live be free. So you filthy… Read More

  • Thirty Helens Agree: Xbox Live gaming should be free

    I, along with 30 Helens, agree with Don Reisinger on the subject of Xbox Live. Xbox Live Gold memberships should be free. I actually can’t speak for the aforementioned Helens, so let’s just say that Don and I are in complete concurrence. Read More

  • PSA: Xbox 360 system update now live But don’t expect any new features. However, this will prepare our RROD… Read More

  • Be careful, there's a phishing scam going around Xbox Live

    There’s a phishing scam going around Xbox Live right now that promises free Microsoft points by visiting a Web site. After entering your XBL info in the Web site, it sends the same message to everyone on your friends list. Friends, it’s simply stealing your login info. You get no points, no glory, and you’ll annoy your friends in the process if you give up your info. To… Read More

  • The behind-the-scenes story of Xbox Live

    You gamers should know how great Xbox Live can be, but do you know how the service came about, or what Microsoft’s plans for it in the future are? (You may also know how incompetent many XBL players are—playing Team Fortress 2, it never ceases to amaze me that on my team of eight players, six were engineers, one was a useless dunce, and I was the only scout trying to get the briefcase. Read More

  • Madden 09 demo on Xbox Live

    The demo for Madden 09 is now—or will be in the next few hours—available on Xbox Live. (PS3 owners: a demo is salted to appear on PSN around the same time.) Go crazy, football fans, playing the same game you’ve been playing for the past 20 years. That’s two NFL stories in as many days. Clearly something has gone wrong here. Read More

  • Tidings from Microsoft's Gamefest 2008

    The very exclusive Microsoft Gamefest conference is in full swing right now somewhere here in the Northwest, and they’ve dropped a couple of newsworthy items. First of all is the revision of the Games for Windows – LIVE system they’ve got going on. Starting today every multiplayer feature of LIVE is free on Windows: chat, shared friends lists with the 360, achievements, and… Read More

  • 60GB Xbox 360 on the way says leaked e-mail

    Remember this? We should know for sure by E3, but for now it looks like Microsoft will release a 60GB Xbox 360 sometime this month. An internal e-mail, which I refuse to copy-paste here out of respect for the original source, Xbox Family, supposedly sent from Microsoft to GameStop and Best Buy details the company’s plans. In addition, Microsoft will release a stand-alone 60GB hard drive… Read More

  • Happy Bungie Day!

    If you haven’t already been informed of this then I have great news for you! Today is Bungie Day and to celebrate you can download a gaggle of Halo 3 goodies from Xbox Live that include themes, gamer pics, and the ultra frosty Cold Storage map as well as a price drop for the Legendary Map Pack down to 600 MS points. I guess I should dig up my copy of Halo 3 and take out Gear of War. Yes… Read More

  • Video: G4's Adam Sessler is a little tired of all the name-calling, racism found on Xbox Live Do you guys know Adam Sessler, the host of G4’s X-Play? He has a problem with all the swearing, racism and general malfeasance found on Xbox Live and other forms of online gaming. And with good reason: a lot of the “trash talk” on XBL is non-sensical bunk. But, is telling 10-year-olds to lay off the swearing really going to work? They’re… Read More

  • Microsoft thinks it needs to simplify the Xbox Live interface

    Microsoft believes it can, and ought to, make changes to the Xbox Live interface. While the Marketplace and general Live interface was designed, maybe, for a couple hundred items, there’s now more than 17,000. Too confusing, too cluttered for the average consumer. Basically, Microsoft is looking to re-organize the way XBL is laid out. How that happens, when that happens—in time for… Read More

  • CrunchArcade: Gears of War special edition comes with picture packs, trailers

    New, exciting info on the upcoming special edition of Gears of War for the Xbox 360. The special content is split into two halves, GoW junk and GoW 2 junk. (I use the word “junk” with only the upmost of sincerity.) As far as the GoW</i< stuff goes, gamers can expect picture packs (!), themes (!!), a special message from CliffyB (!!!), and two multiplayer map packs (~!). As… Read More

  • Mandatory, yet contentless Xbox Live update imminent

    Other than some under-the-hood code to prepare for the big spring update, there are “no other changes or enhancements in this update…in other words no new features.” And what of the vaunted spring update? “At this point we have nothing to announce.” Why would they even release this update now, when they have nothing to say? Why not release the update and the… Read More

  • CrunchArcade: Xbox-Live outage last night really happened

    In trying to log into Xbox Live last night, I kept getting error messages left and right. Naturally, I assumed it was just Time Warner behaving as expected (read: awfully), but it turns out there was a legitimate problem last night. Kotaku speculates that the just-released Call of Duty 4 map pack may have had something to do with it. I just logged in now (had to download an Orange Box… Read More

  • Rumor: Netflix coming to Xbox Live April 1

    Whatever upgrade is being done to Xbox Live on April Fools is anyone’s guess, but recent surveys and speculation might lead some to believe Netflix is coming. Was Monday’s meltdown a result of this? Hmm… Read More

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