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  • Netflix Just Gave iTunes A Big Fat Kiss

    A new movie came out on DVD this week called The Invention Of Lying. It’s co-written, co-directed, and co-starring Golden Globe host Ricky Gervais and looks mildly entertaining enough that I want to rent it. So I load up Netflix to add it to my queue — but wait, according to Netflix, it’s not available until February 16. Why? Because it’s a Warner movie and as such… Read More

  • More screenshots of Perfect Dark for Xbox Live.

    The Xbox Live Arcade port of Perfect Dark still carries that frustratingly (well…) vague “winter 2010” release date, but we’re beginning to see more and more screenshots trickle out from wherever these things trickle out from. Who knows. Anyhow, there’s a series of new screenshots on some dude’s Photobucket that may interest you. Read More

  • Call of Duty Classic now on Xbox Live for 1,200 Microsoft Points

    Call of Duty Classic, the hip and groovy new name for the ol’ standby that is (was? Tense: who needs it?) Call of Duty 1, is now available on Xbox Live for 1,200 Microsoft Points/SpaceBucks. I don’t know if there’s any improvement over the original version of the game. Read More

  • Were you one of the 2 million Xbox Live users who used Facebook this past week?

    At least 2 million Xbox Live users have logged into Facebook this past week, which I guess means the feature is a bit of a success. (You’ll recall that Microsoft launched Facebook and Twitter to so much enthusiasm last week.) Mysteriously, Microsoft didn’t reveal the number of people who logged into Twitter. Is this the end of Twitter? Read More

  • Law firm asks, ‘Were you banned from Xbox Live? We want to help.’

    It’s safe to say that we hear at CrunchGear think you should be able to do whatever you want with hardware that you buy. Let’s take console modding. You wanna flash the drive on your 360 for whatever reason? Fine, go ahead. But don’t think that you can log onto Xbox Live with said modded console, and play your misbegotten wares (or is that warez?), on Microsoft’s network. Read More

  • Microsoft bans ‘small percentage’ of modded Xbox 360s from Xbox Live

    Fair warning to those of you who play your modded Xbox 360 on Xbox Live: Microsoft is breaking out the ban hammer. Again. Read More

  • Free GTA IV multiplayer this weekend on Xbox Live

    Good news, everyone. (I hope people understand that reference.) Grand Theft Auto: Episodes From Liberty City comes out tomorrow, and to help grease the wheels a little bit, this weekend will be a free-play weekend on Xbox Live for GTA IV. That is, if you have GTA IV but don’t subscribe to Xbox Live Gold, you’ll be able to play online multiplayer this weekend. Read More

  • Pay for your Xbox Live addiction with Paypal

    Good evening, readers- If you’re an Xbox Live subscriber in the US then Major Nelson has some news for you. Microsoft has rolled out Paypal as a method of payment for MS points, Xbox Live accounts and such, but it’s not what you think. You can’t actually do anything from your console and all transactions take place on A couple of things to point out: PayPal is… Read More

  • Fall Xbox Live Update preview goes live

    After a slow start, Microsoft finally pushed out the Fall Xbox Live Update preview last night for press and other folk. Don’t be too jealous because the Xbox team is offering the update to you, reader, starting this Monday. All the details on this update can be found here. Hop on over to Major Nelson’s blog and sign up for a chance to be apart of the preview. Good luck! Read More

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