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  • Xbox Live still a little funky after those there updates

    Hey there, amigo. Have you logged onto Xbox Live today? Don’t! Well, not unless you’re looking forward to dealing with a few post-maintenance glitches. Read More

  • Amazon hints about Zune HD Xbox Live integration

    Microsoft officially outed the Zune HD a week ago, but the Amazon product listing under the Technical Details section is talking about Xbox Live integration that wasn’t mentioned in the Microsof presser. Integration with the Xbox LIVE network gives you access to millions of videos, TV shows, and games from Xbox LIVE720p HD video output to your HDTV with optional docking station There is… Read More

  • Should we wave goodbye to buying video games at retail?

    Is it to early to proclaim—loudly, as you do—the practice of buying video games at retail dead? Yes, it probably is too early; yet we continue. Microsoft’s announcement today that it will make available, sometime this year, full retail games available for download via Xbox Live, may well be more important than Project Natal, or “Project Christmas” as I like to… Read More

  • Xbox Live to get full downloadable games

    Forget Twitter, Metal Gear Solid: Rising and Project Natal, this is huge. Xbox Live is getting full, downloadable games this Fall. The games can be purchased with just a credit card meaning you don’t have to mess around with Xbox points. Nice. More as we get it. Read More

  • Microsoft will reset cheaters' Xbox Live Gamerscore

    Microsoft is taking bold, new actions against cheating on Xbox Live. (You can cheat on XBL? Why would you even bother?) So explains one Stephen Toulouse, from Xbox Live Policy and Enforcement, in a recent Major Nelson podcast. It comes down to this: if you’re caught cheating on XBL, Microsoft will reset your Gamerscore and put a permanent marker on your Gamertag that says, “This… Read More

  • Video: This is the Fallout 3: Broken Steel trailer

    Within lies the Fallout 3: Broken Steel trailer. The expansion comes out tomorrow on Xbox Live and Games For Windows Live. It’ll cost 800 Microsoft points. It raises the level cap from 20 to 30, and it somehow fiddles with the game’s ending. That is all. Read More

  • Yes! Marvel vs. Capcom 2 heading to Xbox Live, PSN this summer

    It’s time to get excited, friends. Not only will Capcom release Marvel vs. Capcom 2 on Xbox Live and PlayStation Network this summer, but it will release demo this Thursday. That means you only have to wait two days till you’re unleashing 100+ hit combos and trash talking like you never thought you could. Read More

  • Max Payne, Max Payne 2 now on Xbox Live

    Heads up, 360 gamers. You can now find Rockstar’s Max Payne and Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne on Xbox Live. Each game costs 1,200 Microsoft points, or $15 in non-spacebucks. Read More

  • Lode Runner: Why the Xbox 360 was made

    I can think of no better way to leverage the gaming power of the XBox 360 than by playing the seminal Brøderbund platformer Lode Runner! Running back and forth, climbing, digging, collecting gold, and avoiding robots: Lode Runner has everything a game needs. And now it’s available on XBox LIVE, with lush new graphics, multiplayer support, and the all-important level editor for hours of fun! Read More

  • iXtreme version 1.6 adds further Xbox Live ban precautions

    Six years ago, news of a new Xecutuer BIOS would have had me counting down the hours till school let out, at which point I’d go home and flash my X2 Pro with Team Xecuter’s latest handiwork. (That particular Xbox has since been moved around so much in various moves that the X2 Pro has been disconnected, thus ending the fun.) But now, the iXtreme hacked firmware for the Xbox 360? Read More

  • Amazon Jumps Into The HD Stream As Well. Doesn't Really Make A Splash.

    With all of the online video services now offering much of the same (sometimes lousy) content, the new differentiating factor seems to be high definition quality. Microsoft has been there for a while (with videos over Xbox Live), as has Apple (over the Apple TV), and now Amazon is joining the gang. The new HD option for Amazon Video On Demand is available starting today for some 500 movies… Read More

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