Xbox 360 Elite

News flash: Xbox 360 ‘Elite’ soon to be $299

<img src="" />The Xbox 360 Elite is now $299. Well, will soon be $299, judging by this Wal-Mart ad.

CG Holiday 2007 Recommendation: Xbox 360 Elite, HD DVD player

As if you didn’t see this one coming, folks. For the holidays I’m recommending the Xbox 360 Elite and the HD DVD player add-on. The Xbox 360 is hands down the best on the market. The title

Xbox 360 Elite Hitting Japan In October

I’m supposed to be visiting Japan in October, so if there’s some kind of freak bumrush for a 360 with HDMI-connectivity, I’ll be there to capture the moment. Microsoft announced toda

Hope You Didn't Buy That 360 Elite Just Yet

I’m sure that anyone with a decent HDTV with HDMI realized that purchasing an Xbox 360 Elite would be in their best interest. I mean, who doesn’t want to play games on a big screen in full

Xbox 360 Elite Signed By Drew Carey, U.S. Soccer Superstars Up For Auction

Members of the U.S. Men’s and Women’s National Soccer Teams and comedian Drew Carey have come together to auction off a one-of-a-kind Xbox 360 Elite to benefit the Mooch Myernick Memorial Fund. Th

Really, is the Xbox 360 Elite Worthy of an 8.5 Rating?

The Xbox 360 Elite should be rolling into you local video game store right about now, and reviews have already started to hit the many tubes that make up the Internets. CNET’s is just as good as

Microsoft Tries To Justify 120GB Xbox 360 Hard Drive's $180 Price

The 120GB hard drive for the Xbox 360, purchased as a separate accessory, will cost $179.99 when it comes out later this month. I repeat, $180 for a 120GB hard drive. Isn’t that a bit much? Lots

Xbox 360 Elite Not So Elite: Doesn't Have HDMI 1.3, PCM Audio, Does Not Cure Impotence

The hype surrounding the Xbox 360 Elite is starting to wane, which means it’s time for the fanbois to complain about what they don’t like about it. The qualms thus far: lack of HDMI 1.3 su

Xbox 360 120GB HDD Pre-Loaded With Awesomeness

Microsoft has revealed what sort of goods (content) we can expect in the 120GB HDD that will be standard on the Elite and as a stand alone add-on. The list is quite extensive and very exciting. Both E

Xbox 360 Elite for just $1,199!

Out of curiosity, I just popped over to to search for a pre-order page for the Xbox 360 Elite. Lo and behold there are nine up for sale (or pre-order depending on which seller you go with;

Sony Nudging Special PS3 Onto Radar?

Microsoft has garnered a lot of press this week with the announcement of its Xbox 360 Elite. The updated console features HDMI inputs and an expanded 120GB hard drive. Its announcement, while not a su

Hands-on Pics of The Xbox 360 Elite

So the Xbox 360 Elite’s existence has been confirmed about two dozen times now, but we’ve gone this far without any real pictures of the thing. Major Nelson, guru of all things Xbox, just