XBMC 12 Frodo Arrives, Bringing Raspberry Pi And Android Versions, AirPlay Audio For Windows And 64bit OS X Support

XBMC launched version 12.0 (codenamed Frodo) of its media center software today, bringing a ton of new features and opening up support to new platforms. As a longtime Plex user, this XBMC release look

With XBMC Ported To Android, There Might Finally Be A Reason To Buy A Google TV

Content is king, and so far Google TV is sorely lacking content. However, with the launch of the famed Xbox Media Center on Android, Google might have a chance in the battle for living rooms. The grou

XBMC Gets A Dual Sided QWERTY Remote To Call Its Own

<img src="http://www.crunchgear.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/04/remote.jpg">XBMC is the greatest media streamer of them all. That's fact, friend. But it has never had an official real life remote contr

XBMC Now Works On Jailbroken iPhone, iPad

<img src="http://www.crunchgear.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/01/xbmcios.png" />You can now install XBMC on your jailbroken iPhone and iPad. It’s available on Cydia, which is the secret hideout for Ap

XBMC Reaches Version 10.0, Adds Hardware Acceleration For Windows Users

<img src="http://www.crunchgear.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/12/xbmc10.jpg" />XBMC, the media center for Windows, Mac, and Linux, has reached the big 10 point oh. In and of itself that's a pretty big d

CrunchDeals: Old, 160GB AppleTV for $149

<img src="http://www.crunchgear.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/09/7254583_lg.jpg">Get thee to MacMall and pick up a 160GB AppleTV for $149. Don't worry about not getting updates - just install <a HREF="h

Modified Konstructs Announces Custom Media Center

<img src="http://www.crunchgear.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/08/customLogo.png" />In the market for a media center PC? You might want to take a look at the new kid, Modified Konstructs. Modified just a

Interview: We talk to the lead developer of Plex Media Center for Mac OS X: It was doing Boxee-like stuff before Boxee was cool

<img src="http://www.crunchgear.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/01/aeon3.jpg" />As far as XBMC forks go, Boxee certainly appears to have the most heat. It has VC money pouring in, flashy deals with conten

Myka ION brings Intel Atom and ION graphics into the living room

Think of the Myka ION as a nettop built for your HDTV. The little media streamer utilizes an 1.6 GHz Intel Atom 330 CPU and an NVIDIA ION GPU to provide your TV with quality high-definition content.

How to recover Boxee/XBMC after the Apple TV update

Apple TV update 2.3.1 came out last week – my Apple TV suddenly reset itself on Sunday and blew away my Boxee/XBMC installation – but fear not: it’s easy to fix. You just reinstall t

Screw the man, get Hulu back on Boxee and XBMC

Hulu didn’t make any friends this week when the NBC-owned site succumbed to the pressure of content owners and had the content pulled from Boxee. Alec Baldwin wasn’t kidding when he said t

TiVo market testing possible new interface

Supposedly TiVo is using an online survey to test users’ responses to a new interface. That’s a screen shot from it up there. Most interesting to me, as a non-TiVo user, is that BMW ad alo

XBMC rolls into Beta for OS X, Windows, and Linux

We’ve touched on it before, but to recap: Back in the day when modding your Xbox was a criterion of geekdom, Xbox Media Center was king. Pictures, videos, file streaming, skinning, application l

Plex for Mac OS X has been updated: You need to be using it

I just wanted to remind my fellow Mac users that they really ought to be using Plex to play back all their movies. (And I do mean movies—a quick clip here and there, you’re best served by

OSXBMC for Mac re-named: Say hello to Plex

The media hub once known as Xbox Media Player, then Xbox Media Center, then XBMC, then ported to Intel-based Macs and called OSXBMC is now known as Plex. The name change was announced at the weekend,

XBMC for Mac OS X continues to mature, gives Front Row much needed competition

Flickr’d Formerly named Xbox Media Center, XBMC made the original Xbox useful long past its sell-by date, and it’s now been ported over to Mac OS X. Well, it’s been available for OS